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    I appreciate the option for players to share the same name as others. It simply helps mitigate the strange name compositions in coming years.

    Would it be possible for the original name requester to not have #0001 attached to their name? The name on its own will be self validated as the first of its use. Any subsequent requester should still be distinguished by #0002, etc. Considering players usually first attempt to create a unique name this would clear up a notable percentage of text through the forums.

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    Someone had a good suggestion in discord: those who were the first of their name could have the #0001 removed. Anyone else with the same name (#0002 and higher) would still have the number.

    Then again, it would look much prettier if all the numbers were removed

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    The only issue with that is the speculated and/or proposed #0000 for content creators may conflict with this.


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