Game Not Launching

  • Founders

    I have the "Improbable Playtest Launcher" up to date and the game installed properly on my PC.

    When I click "Launch" it takes me to the "Non-Disclosure Agreement" page. After I select "Agree", it does nothing...

    Anyone have any issues like this, or know how I can get the game to play? Thanks.

  • Admin

    This can be caused by missing game libraries. In order to play Mavericks, you need DirectX and Visual C++ Runtime. Please install them, after which you should be able to launch the game.

  • Founders

    @sam Hello, Sam. Thanks for a potential solution. I have same issue, but doubt it will help (as these components were installed by other games). This is a funny situation if this is actually the case. I would expect a game to offer me all necessary libraries to work. Not to guess or google what might be missing... Amazing start. :(