Live-Stream AMA - Wednesday December 12th

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    This is more a feedback from other BR than question but, please dont make the boring plane or bus what drives across the map and then you drop, it takes so much time and is so slow untill you get to the action, I see other games noticed that and are diching it, I hope you do that too:)

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    Will there be bases in mountains? Or maybe a villa in the moiuntain with a really big window from where you can snipe people. Mby bases are not good but villa better bcs villas would be more simple and small balanced bases would not be realistic.

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    Last question, destruction, so on ground it should mby leave a small hole but snow, it would be interesting that you can nade a spot and make a small hiding place in snow.
    Breaking trees would be useless but atleast that we can break the outer shell from trees.

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    @whaleem-0001 His question is for James

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    I know that skins and cosmetic items aren't the the most important aspect of the game but here is my question(s):

    How long will the current skins in the Forge be available and will we keep them after the Forge ends?

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    What will the loot deployment look like?

    Now we have crates in the same places with the same loot. Will it look like this later?

    I played 2700h + in PUBG. In addition to problems with the speed of the blue zone and desync, weak loot was the biggest problem.

    I think it would be good if part of the loot was random, but in the selected places there would always be the same loot or at least the same class of weapons.

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    Will we be able to put two sights on the weapon (eg after finding a special rail mounted on the weapon)?

    Do you take into account two types of AR-type ammunition?

    Could we expect a shortcut on the keyboard that changes weapon to last used?

    Will it be possible to use the gun after knocking down?

    Can a driver use pistols while driving?

    Will walls on the map around the buildings be partially destroyed with a grenade or grenade launcher?

    Will a grenade explosion leave a hole in the ground?

    Will we be able to climb ladders?

    Is the grass and bushes will be rendered at a greater distance from your character?

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    @bargha-0001 yeah arma 3 has those mini red dots or iron sights on acog and big boy scopes (hybrid scope should be the general term, but they have their own names) for easier sa and cqc and they should be realistically easier to switch i guess is why it was made as insta switch instead of pubg's adding side rail iron sight that needs a not so insta gun tilt animation

    the only thing as far as my experience in the long dead argo going 15-0 all the time on big boy mode saint anne(biggest map and mode) and stuff is there's a blurred effect to the side when switching to 1x initially, but switching it again cancels it..but realistically it should never exist at all..staring at a high power scope for a hour doesn't make it so suddenly you are near sighted or anything when looking outside...

    it's 2 hours till end of pubg ranked beta s1 and I am just now after months of afk getting in some last words, (no time to read this whole thread also have no time yet to download from unofficial chinese fan source with 2-3MB 1-2 hours wait time 0.13ver 13g client after waiting since forge launch without official fix past 200MB stuck. ) but they mentioned in dev blog that they change "ranking against points' to "survival points" and coupled with 6x6 map from 4x4( was supposed to be volcanic snow peak +jungle in adriatic 8x8 but split into sea 44 and nordic66, and don't forget the 8x8 south america(SA) or mexico all made mainly by the semi nordic kinda landscape wisco madtown(middleton) pubg madison team led by an ex raven dude and supposedly some chicago folks. raven people also worked on codol for china exclusive in 15 and then cod15 blackout. codol had a 20 man br mode launch in 2017 winter

    i know the focus of mvx is set on the bigger more realistic world of 16x16, i hope you guys aren't shying away from realistic inclinations pubg already had put out over the times like paralax effects, movement penalties to accuracy and vision, and the gun soundscape and stuff but get all that in and do much more? yeah i can't think of anything particular to ask but this thing is supposed to end soon for pooling questions so I just gotta add some words. And for br please tone down the pace and do reward survival over kills if not don't reward kills at all and instead greatly punish aggression both with rank system and the actual gameplay flow and mechanics, so there are more cautious gameplay and thoughtfulness and tactics and strategy and diversity allowed. The casual/mobile/esport/console crowd has always been easily fixated on instant gratification, it needs to be curbed because pacifying to that inclination is a very slippery slope.

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    Will there be scopes for pistols?
    I find pistols without atleast red dot unplayable :/
    and I dont see a problem with a pistol what can have a sniper scope :)

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    @lyrill-0001 in World War 3 you can check how works red dot and acog or something bigger, it is not bad but when you want to use red dot ACOG covers a large part of the screen.
    You can also check Ring of Elysium where you have a simple crosshairs change system, but it is unrealistic.


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