Unable to Download

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    I have been making posts like this ever since launch. I cannot download the game, I have done everything recommended to me by everybody. All I used to get was "Unzip Error" and it would only show for a few seconds before automatically closing, now it's just "The downloaded has been corrupted. Please re-download the client. Please exit the launcher."

    How can I finally play a game I paid for months ago?

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    Same with me. I've wasted 24gb downloading it twice. I'm done with this game already.

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    If this next patch doesn't fix my issue, i'll move my priorities to trying to fix Black Ops 4. That game won't work for me as well, it crashes during the intro and i've tried absolutely any fix you could imagine, i'm willing to pay someone money to help me fix it.

  • Staff

    Hi @SaucyBoi-0001, I'm sorry this issue is occurring and want to get this fixed, I've dropped you over a support email with some requests. Once we have this we can look into this in more detail.