Dual monitor issue?

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    Hi guys

    Something weird is happening here.
    When I launch the game, it push my 3840x1280 wallpaper on second monitor only. This is not a big issue for me but have feeling something wrong is happening with my preset resolutions. Once I get on logging screen I can see my resolution is lower than has to be and my cursor is stuck on like 3/4 size of monitor space. I can't click on logging button until alt+tab. After that it comes back in right resolution end everything works fine.

    Well I played it roughly for 30 minutes today.
    I can see quiet lot of motion blur when I am looking around but is off in settings. Feelsdrunk.
    Game had periodically some fps drops. Not very bad drops but still noticeable. I am running on medium setting at 120fps.
    After roughly 30 minutes of game when I decided to go look around the capital city it froze in middle of nowhere and I was not able to do much after. Ctrl+Alt+Del works to launch task manager but you can't really use it after as game is getting always above it. Alt+f4 worked for me, but game was still running somehow in task manager after I closed it and was still using about 5300mb of ram. I end it in task manager after, but you did not get any report about that. This is basically reason why I am trying to explain here.

    Game was pretty fun for me. I like to see there is some more stuff in game. Only noticed one wall texture not loaded, when I sprayed two mags on player but he was immortal. Once i got little bit closer, wall texture loaded so i realized what is going on.

    My spec:
    MSI Z390 Tomahawk
    i7 9700K
    RTX 2070
    16GB 3200Mhz ram
    Acer Predator XB252Q+EIZO Foris FS2434
    Windows 10

    I am sorry for my grammar guys. Tried my best here.
    Greetings from Czech.


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    Hi guys

    I updated game launcher today and tried to play but it was same as before.

    I found a fix for resolution issue as I set the game to run in borderless window mode instead of fullscreen and looks like I am still getting same fps.

    Sad part is about game froze after 5 minutes same way as yesterday. Only option Alt+F4 and go to task manager to end GameLauncher process as it was still running environment sound. Also did report about that at https://mavericks.gg/report

    See you after next patch.