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    Hello! I purchased Mavericks because a lot of members of my community wanted to see what this game was about. I have a social media presence of over 500,000 people with that being 150,000 people on my Youtube channel. I planned to stream this game. But it seems they tell you you're not aloud to stream this game after you pay your hard earned money. So instead of boosting your popularity it turns into me making a rant video but either way how do I go about getting a refund?

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    Hi Deastroke,

    An NDA has been in place for some time, and this information has been made readily available to the public and those that have purchased by following social media, forums, discord and our develop updates.

    We provided a month long refund period previously, however, purchases made within the last 14 days are eligible for a refund by contacting Xsolla support. This can be done both by visiting their site https://help.xsolla.com/ or by emailing [email protected] with your order information.

    Purchases older than 14 days are no longer eligible for a refund, to discuss this further, you can contact Xsolla support through the methods listed above.

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    @deastroke-0001 Please don't use your popularity as an excuse to be exempt from the NDA. It's very narcissistic and squeamish. Hopefully you just got founders within the past two weeks or this might get ugly.

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    im honestly with this guy...shit sucks. an i spent way more on this then a normal game...no idea why. classic example of why you wait for a finished product.

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    @grandaddy-0001 You spent way more on this game? 30 dollars? What games are you playing exactly


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