Stuck on Loggin in screen

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    Hi, first time poster here.

    I have been trying to launch The Forge but keep getting to the Logon screen and after entering my details and hitting ENTER, the screen shows Logging In and goes no further.

    I have left it for hours and nothing happens.

    Steps I have taken so far;

    1. Changing password on Mavericks site and Login.
    2. Uninstalling Mavericks, running Registry cleaner and reinstalling.
    3. Reinstalling to my 😧 drive where I have my games installed.

    All of these have resulted in the same ending being stuck Logging In.

    Please help, I don't want to be left behind.

  • Staff

    Hi @BaddBod-0001, I'm sorry this issue is happening. I have dropped you a support email asking for some extra information. I hope we can get this fixed quickly after the holiday period. Thanks!

  • Founders

    Sorry didn't get the email, have I been scammed does this game really exsist?

  • Founders

    Yes it exists.

    Double check you have no typo's in your email address and check spam folders etc.