The Forge - Patch 0.0.6 | 8th January 2019

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    The Forge - Patch: 0.0.6 | 8th January 2019


    • Improved RK417 transitions and reload.
    • Resolved an AK47 bug when sprinting downhill.
    • Added fire mode switch animation with RK417 (all instances) and AK47 (when aiming down the sights).
    • Resolved RK417 movement bug when aiming down the sights.
    • The player will no longer ‘T-Pose’ when falling without a weapon.
    • Resolved bug when attempting to reload an AK47 with a full mag.
    • Landing with no weapon, or landing with a hand-gun, bug resolved.
    • Fixed handgun draw animation in First-Person.
    • Added 2x further reload animations and a mag-check animation to the RK417.


    • Improved geometry of the ruins and improved some UV’s on the meshes.
    • Fixed floating loot crates next to the ruins.
    • Removed excess geometry from the capital outposts, helping performance.
    • More accurate Scott’s Tree and Paper Birch aesthetics.
    • Fixed the collision of the logs so the bullets don’t go through.


    • Disappearing bug when swapping weapons quickly.
    • Resolved issue where pistol reticle would continuously expand whilst jumping.
    • Updated bullet tracer effect on all weapons.
    • Implemented damage drop off, details shown:

    1_1546877331114_Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 16.07.38.png

    0_1546877331114_Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 16.06.41.png


    • Rare memory leak issue resolved.
    • ‘Server Error’ message no longer stays on-screen if the issue has been resolved.
    • Players can no longer input actions (including movement and weapon firing) when disconnected from the server.
    • Fixed the camera going through walls in first-person.
    • The inventory can now be closed by clicking escape.
    • The cursor is now hidden when entering Battle Royale when either the escape menu or inventory menu is open.
    • Reduced overall game file size by optimising assets.


    • Inventory UI now updates after firing weaponry.
    • Players will no longer see ‘0’ health.
    • Better optimised when interacting with weaponry.
    • Removes ammo information for unequipped weapons.


    • Players in the same session will now have the same time of day.
    • System check added to the game disallowing players, when entering Battle Royale, using the escape menu to circumvent the initial countdown.


    • Music added to the login page including background and button hover/select sounds.

    Major Known Bugs

    • Occasionally players will not appear to be facing the same way they are shooting.
    • Sometimes objects appear as invisible in the game.
    • Melee sometimes does not connect.
    • Occasionally when exiting the game, it will crash.