Are people playing this game?

  • From what I saw on YouTube, the game seemed like fun, so I was considering purchasing a founder's pack. The only issue is, it seems like nobody's talking about the game anywhere, which makes it seem like nobody plays it anymore. Is there still a good amount of people playing the game, or has it lost everyone?

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    the game is under NDA, founders are not allowed to share their expirience.
    What i may tell you is this:
    the "game" is in pre alpha, its far from being finished. what you saw on youtube and what you get with the founders pack are 2 completely different "games".

    I really suggest that you wait for the open alpha/beta before buying it.

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    @baykaga-0001 I second what Baykaga just wrote above. If you are not interested in the concept of playing an in-development build of what is essentially a tech demo, you will be better served waiting for the full release.

    You'll know when it releases, there will be a big marketing push etc...

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    @Baykaga-0001 has best answer.

    Since Alpha/ Beta and similiar terminology is replaced with the umbrella name 'Forge', You might also wait until NDA agreements end or when E3 signups are allowed to join (if they aren't under NDA agreement). This will signify a period where Automaton is comfortable with public visibility.


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