Upcoming UI Changes

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    In February, we launch our Hunter & Hunted Core Update. With this, we are updating the UI to make it much more dynamic and animated for players. You can see an initial iteration of this UI below.

    Some of the things we are looking to add in include: squad status (including health and chat), better damage direction information showing now just how much damage players are taking but from where, and other elements including equipment status, latest kills, and session information.

    Much of this work is still subject to final refinement and isn’t representative of the final product, but we’d love your feedback on this initial insight into what’s coming to the new UI with the H&H Core Update.

    _0_1547121683706_UI GIf.gif

    Update: 15/01/2019

    Thank you to all of you for your comments and feedback. They’ve been massively helpful and the team is currently collating and integrating the key topics that were brought up. We’ll be looking to update you with further information regarding the updated UI as soon as possible, watch this space.

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    Linking my massive diegetic UI proposal here

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    TLDR: Style, color, and scale of the UI looks great. Usability can be improved by removing redundant elements, and moving non-critical info to the map or inventory.


    • Style, fonts, and color of UI looks sharp and fits well in the Mavericks world
    • Scale of individual UI components is large enough to be easy to read, but small enough not to be distracting
    • Segmented health bars and faint outlines are a nice touch

    Suggestions to Minimize Screen Clutter

    • Remove triangles and increasing redness from hit indication – the red lines and sound direction should be enough to determine where damage is coming from

    • Remove colorful bars from the armor section and change the armor icons to wireframes – the wireframes can change color based on damage/capacity, serving the same function the bars would have, but with one less UI element

    • Choose either icon or text for “Firing Rate” and remove the other

    • Remove the health # from teammates health bars – the segmented health bars are enough

    • Change “14 Remaining” text to an icon, move to the upper right hand section with the other icons – this is important information but doesn’t warrant such a prominent place on the screen

    • Remove the “kills” icon from the upper right corner and put it in the full map or inventory screen – this is something people will want to know, but isn’t priority information that would affect immediate player action

    Suggestions for Toggling UI Elements

    Ideally, each player could toggle each individual UI element on/off, and change the size of individual elements (ex: mini-map). If that’s not possible, they should at least be able to toggle the following:

    • Keybinds
    • Chat
    • Mini-map
    • Weapons slot
    • Med & Armor Items

    In-Game UI

    All that said, I think this game is ripe for a diegetic UI (make the UI exist entirely within the game world ie: Dead Space or Metroid Prime). I don’t know what kind of resources that would take, but I think it would go a long way to build the sense of player-engagement and immersion that is a cornerstone of this game’s design and a differentiator from other BR titles.

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    I am most fond of the map. Visually it looks so different, yet modern, and provides information that can easily translate to the real world (aka green is a patch of trees).
    Something that I am hoping is included in the topography of the map is some type of indication of whether or not you can traverse up it by walking.
    Also an ability to zoom the mini-map with a save feature would be convenient for different playstyles.

    Healthbar Area

    The health bar itself provides good visual indication of how much damage was received, and I am curious to see if it will showcase how much health you will have after applying a heal.
    The information beside it, although necessary, doesn’t feel like it would be the best place for it, as visually it seems excessively cluttered in the middle.


    The icons at top right for people, kills, time need to be replaced in my opinion. Visually they don’t scream to me that this is a person, crosshair, or a clock.
    I personally would like an option to show/hide keybinds, although not a big deal.
    The remaining players located top middle is excessive in my opinion, considering the same information is provided top right. Although if it shows only enemies remaining, and doesn’t include self/squad, I may like it a bit more
    I would not want the above to be replaced with an exact compass number though. I feel as though more often than not it goes unused and/or used when not necessary.
    The compass indicators to North East (…) need to be more visually distinct.
    The elimination notification is one of the most important pieces of information in a fire fight, yet I don’t feel this contrasts enough with the background to be noticed.
    The kill feed needs to have kills by the squad highlighted in a different color. I feel the healthbar green would suit.

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    The only thing that i want from looking at this Ui, would be able to make certain things smaller/not have your screen go gray if your 10 hp

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    Hey @1likofficial-0001,
    If you want to play right now, you’ll need a to be a founder. However The Forge will be opening up to more players, find more info about that here.
    If you’re not a founder or an E3 sign-up you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

  • Merhaba , Türkiye’de yaşıyorum. Oyuna nasıl erişebilirim ?

    Hello, I live in Turkey. How do I access the game?

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    I appreciate @GizmoAgent-0001 suggestion of on/off configuration.
    From my experience, FPS play have a wide range of preferences. Customization has become more prevalent over the years with people from all walks of life beginning to play.
    Additionally, there is a significant minority of players who prefer UI minimalism, @YogurtStorm-0001 & myself among them. Other companies have turned to alternative/ hardcore modes to satisfy this preference, others have focused on the real-sim genre entirely.

    Devs, is there an opportunity to which individuals to be rewarded for turning off certain UI options? I’m uncertain your theorized approach to in-game ranking/ rewards to speculate deeper.

    For example, ‘Bastion’, by Supergiant games, integrates a similar mechanic via the in-game Pantheon. http://bastion.wikia.com/wiki/Gods
    In essence, just as Bastion’s gods reward chosen disadvantages, turning off portions of UI could produce additional rewards for the player.

    If current plans hold some type of numerical reward (money - exp), you’ve an opportunity to attach a percentile reward/ attributes to aspects like UI customization & allow users to opt for additional variations of difficulty without splitting pops into separate servers/ games.

    Separately, these options could be provided via in-game items. GPS unit to provide mini-maps, Monitors to provide vitals information. Compass for the…compass.

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    @gizmoagent-0001 said in Upcoming UI Changes:

    Looks good. Hopefully all the info panels are going to on/off configurable.
    The hit direction looks nice, but is visibility being reduced based on health?
    I don’t like that, if I’m just about to die I want to be able to see clearly to try pick out the person shooting me.

    I think you bring up good points.

    I’m a minimalistic guy when it comes to UI, although most of it seems purposeful (not sure what the icons between the team health bars and the chat log are). I really do like the chat box, I’d like if there were global, team, proximity channels etc…

    For visibility at low hp I’m also in agreement, from the gif it’s hard to tell how intrusive it feels so I’ll wait and see in-game.

    One comment of my own: the hit indicator looks really dope, but I’m worried that the little triangles could be distracting when trying to turn towards the target and try to spot him, does the indicator maybe fade out as you’re looking in its direction?

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    Looks good. Hopefully all the info panels are going to on/off configurable.
    The hit direction looks nice, but is visibility being reduced based on health?
    I don’t like that, if I’m just about to die I want to be able to see clearly to try pick out the person shooting me.