The Forge - Patch: 0.0.7 | 15th January 2019

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    Patch: 0.0.7 | 15th January 2019


    • The animation and rendering systems within CRYENGINE have been updated providing performance improvements, some crash fixes and improved development tools.
    • The character no longer rotates their body when strafing.
    • Added weapon sways when moving your mouse to all guns.
    • Character now correctly faces the way they are aiming.


    • Fixed texture stretching on the ruins.
    • Terrain smoothing has been improved in certain areas.


    • Your ammo count will no longer decrease if you attempt to fire when switching weapons.
    • Adjusted gun reload times to be more aligned with the animations.
    • You can no longer shoot through trucks.
    • You can no longer shoot through the buildings in the trainyard.
    • Using the ‘Single’ fire mode should now behave the same as tap-firing when in ‘Automatic’.


    • Resolved an intermittent memory leak whereby the game’s memory usage would get larger.
    • Entering new regions of the map should load faster now.
    • Fixed bug that stopped you from being able to log in if you pressed enter without any credentials inputted.
    • Added a ‘Display Ping’ option to the settings.
    • Resolved an issue with players being unable to log in after an update if a previous login was attempted during downtime.


    • The player’s shadow character should no longer T-pose’s when switching fire mode.

    Major Known Bugs

    • Sometimes objects appear as invisible in the game.
    • Melee sometimes does not connect.
    • Occasionally when exiting the game, it will crash.

    Update: 15/01/2019 14:45

    With the latest release today we’ve realised that the patch will be a significant 10GB. We’ve decided to keep the game down for a few more hours while we make some other fixes to ensure we don’t have such a significant file size for minor patches, such as this one, again.

    The reason this patch is so large is we’ve implemented a new engine update which has updated a variety of files. This, in turn, is causing the patch to be significant which we appreciate is a pain for you.

    As such, we’ve decided to keep the game down while we reorganise some of the game files to eliminate the possibility this occurs again. We appreciate this may be frustrating for you, however rather than have you download two sizable updates (as we’d expect this same issue to happen with the next release as well), we’re keeping it down, so it only happens the once.

    We’ll share an update as soon as the game is back up and available for players to download again. Thanks for being part of the Mavericks: Proving Grounds mission.

    UPDATE: 15/01/2019: 20:40

    We previously announced we were going to take the game down for longer than expected to reorganise and rebuild our release today to minimise the chance of numerous large patches.

    After our team’s efforts today, we’ve realised that this is a more significant task than anticipated. As such, the game will remain down overnight and will instead be brought back up tomorrow morning (16/01/18).

    We know this will frustrate many players, however, please know we’re keeping the game down now to minimise this issue occurring again in the future.

    UPDATE: 16/01/2019: 12:20

    Thank you all for your patience. The patch is now live and available for you to download. As mentioned previously, this patch is sizeable (between 10GB-12GB) however our changes should stop this from happening again in the future.

  • @rogue10ic-0001 That’s a really good suggestion. I’ll raise this with our UI dept. so they can consider if and how they could apply it. Thanks!

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    Good to know, I would suggest that you but something on the login page letting ppl know what’s going on with the servers if they are down for an extended period of time, just my two cents worth, I just had to dig deeper to find this.

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    Keep the updates coming, hopefully it’ll continue to get better.

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