Launcher Issues Please Help

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    I receive the below every time I try and open the game. I have uninstalled the game, turned off my antivirus and tried multiple things. Still not allowing me to open game. Thanks for any ones help in this matter!


  • Admin

    Hi Gunner,

    I've passed this issue on to the launcher and I should have some information for you about this issue very soon.

    Sorry for the hassle.

  • Admin


    This appears to be caused by your Anti Virus, can you try adding the program to a whitelist in your AV. Or disable features that would be instantly deleting any files it deems dangerous.

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    Hey Sam, when I try to login into the game it gives me a message that says "Stream Removed"?? I don't have any recording software or anything running, I'm not even a streamer, what do I do?

  • Admin

    Hi Ned,

    So this is stream as in, streaming in information to your client I believe, not streaming software or such.

    Can you check your connection and that your Anti Virus software isn't blocking a connection to Mavericks. As this could cause an issue.

    What location are you playing from and which company provides your internet?