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    Hello, I purchased the founder qualification in October, 2018. I played it on the first day of the game test. After playing for a few hours, I think the game is still a semi-finished product. Until today, I found that my founder qualification has disappeared on the game website. Account: [email protected]. Please give me a comment. Thank you.!

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    The developers work hours are as follows:

    work hours (08:00 - 18:00 GMT, Monday-Friday)

    So you may not get a response right away.

    My suggestion would be to ensure you are logged in, at which point any downloads will show.
    Considering you are shown as a Founder on the forum, I presume it is account-wide already. I know I am logged into the forum currently, but had to re-log into the main website to show the Founder related content.

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    I'll look into this, either a refund was issued, or the Founders role was removed, potentially due to breaking an NDA.

    We'll take a look into your account.

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    Having looked into your account, you broke the NDA and your Founder's status was removed.

    Please be aware that you're are unable to stream or publish videos about Mavericks until the NDA is lifted.

    You will need to remove the video you posted online about Mavericks, otherwise Founders will be removed again.


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