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    I just thought I'd give my thoughts on the game so far and where I am not seeing what you initially promised when you first announced this game, and i feel if you keep going on with it the way it is now, it will be too hard to introduce some of the things you mentioned in that very first introduction video:

    Game as it is now:

    Yes it a big map, maybe too big for what you had planned to do.
    it all seems very samey, no matter where you go, its using the same textures, same grass, large rocky hills look good from a distance, but when you get up close, the textures are really poor and low quality?

    You talkes of ever changing landscapes, how the player would interact with the enviroment, foot steps would leave a trail, and this would be dependant on the seasons and weather, bent grass as you walked over it leaving clues as to how had walked past there for other player to beable to track you?? I cant see this happening with the way you have layed everything out. The grass is almost the same everywhere you look, as if you have just used a fill tool to cover large area. This goes for the trees aswell. I feel if you keep going this way, then how are you going to easily impliment these interaction of footsteps and grass bending as you walk over it later on in the game??


    From what i can see you have maybe 15-20 different buildings/assets in total. and these just seem to be placed randomly over the map, 3-4 buildings in each area. no rhyme or reason to how they are placed, dosnt resemble a small village or town, or farm or anything, same with the portacabins, why are they there? there is no work site, a few abandoned vehicles, but thats it...

    The size of the building seem too small, in relation to your first person view, the castle structures especially, they look unfinished, not castle like at all. Coming from Scotland i should
    I know this is early access, but i think your planning and placement of the buildings, towns villages should me done from the start of the game, not just assets placed randomly.

    Geometry of the landscape:

    A lot of hills and valleys are un-climbable, when the look as if you should beable to. These either need to be flattened out a little, or made so you cant go that way if that was the intention. There is nothing more fustrating than walking for 10 mins thinking you can climb to the top of that hill/mountain, only to be confrunted with an area which is un-passable.

    The map:

    People are going to be doing a lot of walking in this game once it releases, and im guessing they might be walking for a good 10-20 mins before seeing any action, with the maps being so big. Then the scenery has to change, every thing from the typs of grasses you are using, the types of trees, buildings, towns, villages, rock structures, ect. Right now it all looks the same no matter where you go. And this will become boring after the first few games. plus everything has to make sence, right now, just coming across 3 houses and then nothing for miles is totally unbelivable, get your map planned out. your going to have to have built up areas, for fast fire fights, then vast open areas, then some middle ground, small villages, work sites ect. Also, the fururistic areas, im not sure they go, they loos so out of place? maybe thats just me?

    I havent spoken about game play, because i really think you need to get the map down first. Maybe you already have all this in place for releasing later on, i dont know, these are my impressions, when im walking through the game trying to imagine what the end product will look like.

    Please dont take offense to some of my comments, they are meant as constructive, i really want this game to sucseed..


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    Just to clarify, I was directed to a redit discussion, which I wish I would have read before posting this.

    please see link for anyone who is interested, it clears up all of my thoughts and worries on the game..

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    Glad to hear that a lot of your concerns have been answered in the previous Reddit thread.

    There are still some issues with certain areas of the map and being able to climb most things, updates to the map are coming very quickly with new areas added, new assets included and changes made based on the gameplay in each of those areas.

    I'll also pass this onto game designer Lawrence and our environment team :)


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