The Forge - Patch: 0.0.9 | 29th January 2019

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    Patch: 0.0.9 | 29th January 2019


    • Reduced likelihood of the player entering a falling state when moving over small gaps in the world.
    • Improved sprint animation when running without a weapon.
    • Added a new partial reload animation to the PPQ. Gifs of these animations have been added to the Mavericks Imgur album Patch: 0.0.8 | 29th January 2019


    • Several improvements added including the CDN being changed (improving downloading/reducing the likelihood of it failing) and also the game is signed (reducing issues with antiviruses etc.).


    • Colours have been made more vibrant in various elements of the UI.


    • Added sound effects to the recently added HK417 and PPQ reload animations.


    • Peeking has been added. Players can enable peeking by using the ‘Q’ and ‘E’ keys whilst aiming down the sights.
    • Stopped player bodies from bouncing when shooting guns.
    • The player no longer plays a punch animation when shooting with their initial pistol.


    • Improved our tooling used for debugging server crashes.

    Weapon Animation Tweaks (1).gif

  • Founders

    This is all wonderful updates and tweaks, but we NEED content to test for us to be useful in this testing phase. We can only test pistol reloads and pistol shooting so much. We need a game mode, please.