The Forge - Patch: 0.0.10 | 5th February 2019

  • Patch: 0.0.10 | 5th February 2019

    Founder-Exclusive Item

    • A new AK Skin [Syndicate] has been added for Founders (renders added below). This skin will be available to all until H&H at which point it will only be playable by Founders.


    • The interpolation between different travel angles has been smoothed.
    • The ‘Idle to move’ and ‘Move to idle’ 3rd person transitions have been added.
    • Movement correction networking code has been improved.
    • Players now correctly animate when aiming down sights whilst jogging with assault rifles.


    • Resolved issue where vegetation would not cast shadows.
    • Guns are now forced to use higher texture resolution where possible.
    • A number of assets in the trainyard have been optimised.


    • Fixed a bug where sways would jitter when facing South
    • Peeking is now available in hip fire
    • Peeking angle has been reduced, along with camera-angle and the motion has been smoothed and sped up.
    • Pistol damage has been slightly increased
    • Damage has been increased slightly along with a reduction in recoil for the AK47
    • Recoil has been slightly increased on the RK417


    • Fixed a bug with transparency masking on the UI, text, images, fills, and borders
    • Colours with transparency now display as intended.
    • Improved UI performance


    • Fixed a crash when dying whilst swapping weapons.
    • More generic fixes and updates have been merged into our fork of CryEngine.

    Syndicate AK Skin

  • Founders

    Cmon, Devs. Still get infinite loading screens on US server. Still can’t reload after shooting a clip. Still can’t pick up weapons. I don’t see any mention of this ever. If it’s an ISP problem then it shouldn’t, realistically, take this long to get sorted out. Comcast. 280 DL / 25 UL. U.S., Florida. Let’s get some info.

  • Founders

    I like that the hipfire peeking doesn’t slow my character’s movement. This and the other peek changes feel great. Good job, guys, keep it up.