The Forge - Patch: 0.0.11 | 12th February 2019

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    Patch: 0.0.11 | 12th February 2019


    • Resolved an issue during transition animations where actions would incorrectly queue when changing between states.


    • Reload audio fixes.


    • Added a new setting to switch peeking between hold & toggle.
    • Fixed an issue where users wouldn’t be able to loot items with stairs slightly above them.


    • Updated weapon sights to be more visible.
    • Bullet casings will now travel in the same direction as your weapon.


    • Added anti-cheat measures to prevent weapon damage tampering.
    • Improvements to networked movement correction when jumping.

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    @OpTiMo-0002 Also ironic that I have xfinity (Comcast) located in Georgia, and have the exact same issue as you do. I have told them since Day 1 all my info. They have been “looking into it” since Day 1, and are apparently continuing to do so. Just wait for E3 users to be invited and it happen to a bunch of them. They will get it right eventually.

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    Hi Optimo,

    All the above issues are linked together by the same cause, all being a connection issue of some kind. These are still being looked into and in most cases have already been resolved.

    Unfortunately, there remain some cases such as your own where this isn’t the case and they’re still working on these more specific cases.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    ctrl+f “fixed infinite load screens, fixed unable to reload bug, fixed unable to pick up weapons bug, fixed issue with ISP’s in the U.S.”

    None of that is happening. All of it has been talked about. I just want to help test and be able to enjoy this game, yet the lack of any kind of update on any of these issues that have been brought up time and again and go answered through each patch is wearing thin. If these issues stick around for the H&H update you’re going to have a terrible time trying to retain players. As it is now, I join 0 player servers, if I can even join one.

    Last reply to patch notes which is still relevant to today’s patch notes:

    Cmon, Devs. Still get infinite loading screens on US server. Still can’t reload after emptying a pistol clip. Still can’t pick up weapons. I don’t see any mention of this ever. If it’s an ISP problem (as I have been told a few times now) then it shouldn’t, realistically, take this long to get sorted out. Comcast. 280 DL / 25 UL. U.S., Florida. Let’s get some info. These patch notes are a joke. New animations are great if you can actually get into the game to test them… Anything? Bueller?