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    so i hoped on both the north american and European servers the other day and ran around for a while only to realize that i wasnt seeing any other players. is there people that are playing this? will i be able to see them? and if theres generally good time when people are logged in and playing id like to know. i havent been able to keep up with most of all the announcements lol but i plan on diving more into this as id like to see it flourish. thanks!

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    Hi Phokingyou,

    The best time to hop on during the week is after an update :) This week our update is taking place on Thursday, between 12-3pm GMT.

    We're releasing our first core update at the end of this month; Hunter & Hunted. Which will start the continuous full time LMS game mode sessions and we're inviting an extra 100,000 people, so you should always have people online to hop into a game with very soon!

    These early stages of Mavericks have been a lot of testing the technical side, with less of a focus on the gameplay features. This update will be adding a lot of the core gameplay features :)

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    ok sweet thank you for this information ill be sure to hop on thursday!

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    I'm currently on NA wandering around, seeing what's up. Feel free to join me. Is there a community discord or anything like that?


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