The Forge - Patch: 0.0.12 | 21st February 2019

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    0.0.12 brings the Mavericks Game Mode to The Forge. With this update, there are fundamental changes to how you play the game, including jumping into games from The Capital. For more information about the Mavericks Game Mode, click here.


    • A new game flow has been added for the Core Update.

    • Capital Reputation Tokens [CRT] has been renamed Faction Reputation.

    • Players entering the world will now select where they spawn by clicking a tile on the map. Players will then spawn in that location depending on a variety of heuristics including distance to players, slopes and open space. Spawning-in is temporary and will be replaced by new dropping-in mechanics in future updates.

    • When extracting back to the Social Hub from the Isle of Dern, you will receive 1x Faction Reputation for every 1,000 bits worth of equipment you extract. This system is temporary and will change when the banking system is introduced next week. The breakdown of each item’s worth is as follows:
      – AK47 - 2,000 bits
      – RK417 - 2,200 bits
      – JT45 - 720 bits
      – PPM - 680 bits
      – Ithaca 37 - 1,300 bits
      – MS5 - 1,200 bits
      – CX Scorpion - 1,250 bits
      – Barrett M82 - 4,100 bits
      – 9mm - 2 bits
      – .45ACP - 2 bits
      – .50 Cal - 8 bits
      – 7.62mm - 4 bits
      – Shotgun Shells - 4 bits
      – Bandage - 100 bits
      – First Aid - 200 bits

    • Extraction has been added on the ‘O’ key (see notes below).

    • Item respawn times have been increased:
      – AK47 - From 2-minutes to 6-minutes
      – RK417 - From 2-minutes to 6-minutes 36-seconds
      – JT45 - From 2-minutes to 2-minutes 10-seconds
      – PPM - From2-minutes to 2-minutes
      – Ithaca 37 - From 2-minutes to 3-minutes 54-seconds
      – MS5 - From 2-minutes to 3-minutes 36-seconds
      – CX Scorpion - From 2-minutes to 3-minutes 45-seconds
      – Barrett M82 - From 2-minutes to 12-minutes 18-seconds
      – All Ammo & Consumables: From 1-minute to 2-minutes

    • Bodies will remain in the world until the game resets.


    • A new UI style has been introduced, it’s simple, functional and allows us to iterate towards a more polished version throughout The Forge. This includes updates to work with the new Mavericks Game Mode, showing details about different game phases (Exploration Phase / Survival Phase) and Extraction states.
    • The player radar has been replaced with a heatmap. This is in its initial stage and will be iterated on in the future.


    • Weapon updates:


    • Damage drop off now starts at 100m instead of 60m.
    • Increased horizontal recoil throughout the recoil pattern
    • Exaggerated the tail of the recoil pattern to increase the difficulty as you reach the end of a full magazine spray.


    • Damage drop off now starts at 90m instead of 52m.
    • Increased horizontal recoil throughout the recoil pattern
    • Exaggerated the tail of the recoil pattern to increase the difficulty as you reach the end of a full magazine spray.


    • Damage drop off now starts at 24m instead of 12m.
    • The minimum damage reached is now 12.5, up from 10.
    • The minimum damage is now reached at 58m instead of 38m.


    • Damage drop off now starts at 26m instead of 14m.
    • The minimum damage reached is now 11, up from 8.8.
    • The minimum damage is now reached at 62m instead of 44m.


    • Rate of fire down to 680 from 700.
    • The maximum damage is now 25, up from 21.
    • Damage drop off now starts at 40m instead of 32m.
    • The minimum damage reached is now 16.25, up from 13.65.
    • The minimum damage is now reached at 85m instead of 72m.
    • Tweaked the recoil pattern to be more unique within the SMG class
    • Exaggerated the tail of the recoil pattern

    CX Scorpion

    • Rate of fire down to 750 from 900.
    • The maximum damage is now 23, up from 18.
    • Damage drop off now starts at 45m instead of 85m.
    • The minimum damage reached is now 14.95, up from 11.7.
    • The minimum damage is now reached at 85m instead of 68m.
    • Tweaked the recoil pattern to be more unique within the SMG class
    • Exaggerated the tail of the recoil pattern

    Barrett M82

    • Rate of fire down to 450 from 600.
    • Damage drop off now starts at 200m instead of 120m.
    • Reduced the horizontal and vertical recoil.
    • Greatly increased the spread gain and base spread.
    • The crosshair is now hidden when reloading.
    • The kill streak rewards have been removed.


    • Environment lighting has been updated and optimised.
    • Players will be in 3rd-Person view when inside of the Social Hub.


    • Mavericks Game Mode now activated.
    • Introduced new networking protocols for both Game and Server clients. Players should benefit from improved security and resolve numerous previously-experienced connection issues.
    • Fixed crashes related to the 3D UI.
    • Fixed crashes related to rendering players wearing cosmetics (the most reported crash).
    • Reduced occurrences of the game freezing.
    • Updated to the latest version of spatial.
    • Enabled analytics for hit verification so that we can further iterate on our server-side validation.
    • Fixed memory leak when switching between game modes.
    • Dead players will now continue to be dead if the server crashes & restarts mid-game.
    • Improved analytics for item interactions. These new systems will help the studio further understand why players can sometimes not pick up guns.
    • You can now reconnect to your player within the world if you disconnected. This will only work if your player is alive and you enter the same pool as before.
    • Added a blend from/to a black screen when entering/leaving a world.
    • Fixed the settings window not working after switching worlds.
    • Integrated a new SpatialOS feature (Query-Based Interest [QBI]) that enables us to load in entities at different distances based on their type. We use this to load in items at a close distance but extractions much further away.
    • Resolved an issue with some entities not functioning as intended after switching worlds.

    Login Flow

    Upon logging in, players will choose their faction and then enter the social hub, The Capital, wherein they’ll be able to run around in 3rd-person. Within the social hub, two pools will show the maps of on-going games. From these pools, players will be able to see the game’s availability by the colour of the map.

    If the map is blue, the game is currently in the Exploration Phase. During this phase, players can jump into the pool hole through the map and enter the game. If the map is red, the game is in the Survival Phase – players cannot enter and a blocker will be underneath the pool, disabling players from entering the game.

    Once players jump into a game through a pool, they will be shown a map and will be able to select a tile from which they will spawn. If the spawn is possible, which will place the player within 70m of another player, the player will then spawn. If the chosen spawn location is greater than 70m from another player, the tile will go red and the player will need to select another tile. To make this easier, a heatmap showing rough locations of other players movements and spawn locations will be shown. Extractions will also be shown on the map, with the icon’s colour being the same as the beam.

    Player Extraction

    Upon entering the game world, players will have to wait for at least 10-minutes before they can call their drone to extract them. Once the cooldown has finished, players can request their drone (by pressing ‘O’ key). Players cannot spawn an extraction if another spawn is occurring within 100m of their location. In this instance, an error message will flash – ‘No Available Space Nearby’. Extraction can be called at any point, within either the Exploration Phase or Survival Phase.

    If the request is successful, the drone arrival position will be marked on the map and beam will be shown. The time until the extraction is open will be shown above the extraction point and within the player’s UI. The elapsed time, beam colour, and beam height will all be determined by the player’s wealth. If the player has zero wealth, the deployment time will be quick, have a short beam (60m) emitting from their extraction location, and show as light blue. In comparison, if a player has significant wealth in the game, they will have to wait a significant amount of time, the beam height will be visible to nearly everyone on the Isle of Dern (200m), and the colour will be dark purple.

    Once the extraction point is ready, a portal will open and the player is given 60-seconds to leave. This time is displayed both above the extraction point and within the player’s UI. If the player who called the extraction is killed, or successfully extracts, the beam will be removed but the base will remain on the ground. The extraction will also close if the ‘zone’ hits it.

    Upon reentering the social hub, The Capital, the player will be granted Faction Reputation based on the rarity of the items extracted with them. The rarer the item, the more Faction Reputation is earned by the player. The banking system will come in the second part of H&H, next week.

    The Survival Phase [Last Man Standing / Battle Royale]

    At the end of the Exploration Phase, the game will immediately start the Survival Phase if the minimum number of players are present in-game. If the minimum number of players are not met (5 players), a message will display: ‘Insufficient Players to Start Battle Royale’. If this occurs, the Exploration Phase will restart once more for a further 30-minutes.

    The starting circle for the Survival Phase is shown on the mini-map. The Survival Phase will continue until there is one player remaining. The amount of Faction Reputation rewarded is scaled based on the population at the start of the Survival Phase. Faction Reputation will be awarded to the player once they’ve respawned in The Capital.

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    Yes Ville, currently down while we work on getting the update live and be back up soon 🙂

    AKX I believe we spoke in Discord, but I’ll also respond here as it might help people looking, the NDA will be lifted with the FULL launch of The Capital, however at the moment this update just includes a small section of the capital whiteboxed to provide a social hub between games.

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    When trying to log in, the game gets stuck in a “logging in” screen and after a while, it returns you to the starting menu saying “Matchmaking service timed out. Please try again later”. Is this just a maintenance break?

  • Founders

    initially it was said that the nda will be lifted with the release of the capital. Is this still the case.

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    Finally, a decent sized update. If you guys are able to do all of the stuff you set out for the game to be when you originally announced it I still think it has the potential to be a really big game. HOWEVER, that is a very big IF. if you screw the game up a bit, it will not survive. I want the game to do well, but you guys have to put in the effort to actually make it a good/compelling game.