Movement and...

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    Sorry but...

    The way your character runs... It looks like hes about to shit his pants :D :D

    Sprinting looks fine though.

    Where's the crawl function..??

    Just jumped in a game and played 20 min. Killed the only one I saw there. No scopes yet? No attachments? No nades or armour??

    Ahh well I guess I'll give it another 6 months before i try it out again..

  • Admin

    Haha, some of the 3rd person animations haven't been completely finished yet due to the game for the most part being initially available in 1st person mode, so a lot of our focus has been there. With the introduction of the capital social hub there'll be more happening in regards to those animations :)

    So prone is coming in the near future, some animation work to be done on that still and it's interaction with things like tracking, leaving prints and bending grass and such I believe so that's still being finished up!

    Scopes nades and armour will be coming in weekly updates after the Hunter & Hunted update lands in what we'll be calling the Armoury update. This is where we'll begin adding in new weapons, attachments and the sorts!


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