The Forge - Patch 0.1.0 | 28th February 2019

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    Patch: 0.1.0 | 28th February 2019


    • Complete overhaul of rig, dynamics and animation for the Barrett M82.
    • Improved animations whilst in 1st-Person and 3rd-Person when unarmed.


    • Added local audio to extractions.


    • Added big screens with signs indicating where to go between the districts.
    • Added big screens with concept art representing how the districts will look like.
    • Placed the Capital Tower and non-walkable white box of other districts.
    • Cleaned up the geometry of the districts.


    • Reduced the likelihood of failing when picking up an item.
    • Players can now pick up and drop ‘x’ amount of an item (players can do this by holding ‘alt’ whilst dragging the item in the inventory).
    • Selected weapons to bring into the Isle of Dern will now be displayed holstered on the players back whilst in The * Capital.
    • When changing faction whilst in The Capital, character cosmetics will instantly update.
    • Players now receive 1 Faction Reputation for every 2 kills.
    • Added a weapon and item bank to The Capital where players can access previously banked weapon and items extracted from the Isle of Dern (players can access this by clicking ‘tab’).
    • Players no longer receive Faction Reputation for extracting items from the Isle of Dern (these will instead be added to the players’ banked inventory).
    • Upon winning the Survival Phase, a players’ inventory will be automatically banked.
    • Players can now bring banked items and weaponry into the Isle of Dern from The Capital.


    • New and improved Barrett textures, model, and audio.
    • Added a new setting for adjusting mouse sensitivity whilst aiming down the sights (This defaults to a value of 50, which may differ from your current mouse sensitivity).


    • Improved internal logging for failed player-item interactions.
    • Improved backend server performance.


    • Escape menu has been updated.
    • Improved performance of 3D UI.
    • The display time for the kill feed has been elongated (extended from 5-seconds to 7.5-seconds).
    • Player username, hash, and icon are now shown to the user whilst in The Capital.
    • Added a link to the Mavericks Discord from the in-game settings menu.
    • Added nametags above other players heads whilst in The Capital.
    • Added a 3D UI element above the pool showcasing district ID and game phase.
    • The UI icons above the map will correctly update according to the zone location and movement.
    • Players will now receive kill event notifications for deaths nearby to your players’ location (~250m) whilst in the Exploration Phase. Kill event notifications for the entire map will be shown whilst in the Survival Phase.
    • Extraction points and their value are now shown on the spawning map (when jumping in from The Capital) and in-game.
    • The time taken for an extraction to open is now displayed on the players’ UI.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed reload and ‘no ammo’ prompt from displaying in The Capital.
    • Resolved issue where players couldn’t loot from bodies that had died before you had entered the Isle of Dern.
    • Disconnected players will now transition between states properly (e.g. ragdolling when killed).
    • Should now be able to loot weapons from dead players successfully.
    • Heatmaps should now fully clear upon starting the Survival Phase.
    • Fixed a bug when aiming down sights with a Handgun and strafing.
    • Fixed crashes related to 3D UI.
    • Fixed the world not properly resetting at the end of the Survival Phase.
    • Fixed an issue where players, who placed in the top-3 of the Survival Phase, would not receive their rewards.
    • Fixed memory leak with 3D UI.
    • Secondary weapons that are now picked up will immediately display properly holstered on the players’ back.
    • Players will now spawn next to the pool that’s been open the longest.
    • Resolved issue where players would receive an incorrect, large amount of Faction Reputation.
    • Stopped intermittent flickering of healing icon next to a players’ health bar.
    • The icon will now correctly display the system’s chosen healing item.

    New Barrett M82 Animations
    _0_1551375271279_barrett2 (1).gif

    Hunter & Hunted Additions

    Banking Items

    • Banking systems have now been integrated into The Forge. Previously, players could extract themselves and all their items, which would then be immediately exchanged for Faction Reputation. Now, items will be saved to a bank which players can then access and choose from later. Whilst in The Capital, items within the players’ inventory, or shown holstered on the players’ back, will be the items taken back into the Isle of Dern.

    Tracking Players

    Foliage Displacement

    • As players move around the map, running through forests and through grasslands, certain foliage will bend and remain flattened in the direction of movement. The foliage will remain trampled for 1-minute, before then starting to restore its’ original shape. At this point, once restoration has begun, the foliage is once more malleable and affected by players movements.


    • Certain actions players perform will cause items to be permanently discarded within the world. When a player heals after engaging in a firefight, the discarded bandaging or first aid kit will be cast aside and appear on the floor near to the player’s location. Also, when players reload, the now spent magazine will also appear abandoned on the floor. These items will disappear from the world after 2-minutes.

    Blood Splats and Trails

    • If a player is shot near a hard surface, a blood splat will appear behind them. The extent of the blood splat will depend on the damage sustained and the distance between the shot player and the surface.

    • Players will also start showing blood trails highlighting when they’ve been shot or sustained heavy damage. When a player is shot initially, this will cause a single blood splat to occur. Once the player is below 75% health, they will start dripping blood between every 15m (at 75% health) to 3m (near-death).

    • Blood splats and trails will disappear after 5-minutes.


    • Players leave footprints behind them when moving around the map depending on the surface they walk across. Footprints will disappear after 2-minutes.