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    Q: What is Mavericks: Proving Grounds?

    A: Mavericks is planned as a 1,000-player next-generation MMORPG FPS set in the sprawling Proving Grounds. At the heart of Mavericks is The Capital: a 10,000 player city where you can display your achievements, meet and trade with others, and unlock increasingly ambitious challenges. Dive into games of mass-scale firefights and destruction in a rich world where every footprint leaves its mark so you can hunt players down.

    The game is currently in its’ early-stage development, The Forge, and will release as a free-to-play public beta in late-2019.

    Q: What is The Forge?

    A: The Forge is the early development stage of Mavericks, building the gameplay from the ground up around the actions and gameplay of The Founders. Through a series of weekly and periodical updates, Founders are experiencing the world develop and grow around them as the studio adds new features, makes further changes, and acts on the analytics and feedback from the world.

    Q: Who is behind Mavericks: Proving Grounds?

    A: Mavericks: Proving Grounds is being developed by Cambridge-based, Automaton Games.

    Q: When can I play Mavericks?

    A: Mavericks: Proving Grounds will be available to those that have purchased Founders Packs, and our first 100,000 sign ups from E3 2018 on the following date:

    Play Session # Available From Unavailable From
    1 Tuesday 11th June Sunday 16th June

    Q: Why are the Mavericks social channels dead?

    A: We have left the social channels (like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit) alone for a period whilst the game is so early in development as Founders raised initial concerns. This is highlighted in our blog post with Sorrowy where some Founders highlighted that Mavericks was using all channels rather than having 1-2 core sources of information.

    We will look to go back to these more public-facing channels once the game is further along its development curve. This will be where we have better quality content to share and are better placed to respond to questions from the wider community beyond the Founders.

    Q: If I want the latest news on Mavericks, where’s best to look?

    A: For the latest news on Mavericks, we recommend our Discord, Forum, and the Mavericks Website.

    Q: If I want the latest news from Automaton, where’s best to look?

    A: For the latest news from Automaton, check the website.

    Q: How do I talk to other members of the community and the studio?

    A: Our studio is most active on Discord and the Forum.

    Q: Can I play Mavericks in either 1st-Person and 3rd-Person?

    A: Whilst on the Isle of Dern, players will be in 1st-Person. Whilst in the game’s social hub, The Capital, players will be in 3rd-Person, there are plans to introduce 3rd-Person game modes further down the line.

    Q: How much of the Isle of Dern can I explore?

    Players taking part in the scheduled playtests are able to explore 1kmx1km of the Isle of Dern. In future Core Updates, we will expand the island to its full size and add vehicles so that players can experience the full 16kmx16km of the island.

    Q: Why have you changed from your planned Beta that you announced E3?

    A: We delayed our Beta stage of the game because the game’s development roadmap didn’t marry what we could deliver. We have apologised for this delay previously and we highlight that The Forge is not a Beta. It is, however, an early-state of the game which will develop and expand as gamers are in The Forge.

    Q: Where can we access patch notes?

    Patch Notes can be found here.

    Q: What’s the difference between Core Updates and Rapid Updates?

    A: Core Updates are periodic updates that will bring in fundamental changes to the game at specific times. An example is Hunter & Hunted.

    Rapid Updates are regular, weekly updates that are focussed on more incremental changes and optimisations.

    Q: What is the timeline for the Core Updates shown on the timeline?

    A: All Core Updates will be released between November 2018 and November 2019.

    Q: What is the Non-Disclosure Agreement and what does it restrict me from doing?

    A: In it’s most simple terms, a Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA] is between two parties where information cannot be shared defined by specific parameters. Mavericks is covered by an NDA which means streaming and sharing of content from the game cannot be shared. If the information is not available on public-facing sites (e.g. Mavericks website, social channels), this should not be shared. If in doubt, double check the terms or email our team directly at [email protected].

    Q: Why is there an NDA, and is it still in force?

    A: Because we have opened up the game at such an early stage (Mavericks has been in development for less than 2 years, most AAA-games are shown to the public after 3-5 years), we are wary about the public perception of the game. Mavericks is incredibly ambitious and we want the game to be shown in it’s best light at the right time.

    At present, the NDA is still in force. For the latest information on the NDA, visit our website.

    Q: Where can I read the NDA?

    On our website, at https://mavericks.gg/nda.

    Q: What happens if I don’t adhere to the NDA?

    A: Although we hope that players will respect the ambition of the project and appreciate why there is an NDA, we have had instances where players have broken the NDA.

    In these instances, as with all going forward, we will warn players and give them the opportunity to remove the offending content. If this content is not removed in a timely manner, access to the game will be removed. This could be temporary or permanent depending on the nature of the breach.

    Q: Can I record footage now (before the NDA is lifted) and post it after the NDA is no longer enforced?

    Yes, however, please make sure that no footage is made public prior to the NDA being lifted otherwise this contravenes the NDA.

    Q: Can I group up with my friends and play as a duo or a squad?

    At the moment, only solo is available.

    Q: How does my Citizenship work during the Forge?

    A: Citizenship will not start until the full game has launched in late-2019. Further information about Citizenship will be shared in the future.

    Q: Will my progress be saved after the Forge?

    A: Your progress will be recognised in the full game, but may not be directly carried over for specific aspects including items, levels and such. As we get closer to the full launch will share more information in regards to your progress being recognised.

    Q: When will I get my Founders’ items?

    A: Founders will benefit from exclusive cosmetics including emotes, icons, and weapon kits. We have already begun introducing Founder-exclusive weapon kits, with our LSF-inspired AK skin.

    Q: What is the Mavericks Game Mode?

    A: For more information about the Mavericks Game Mode, read our blog post.

    Q: Can you describe the new drop-in mechanics in more detail?

    A: The Mavericks Game Mode is split into two phases: the Exploration Phase and Survival Phase. Each phase lasts 30-minutes and during the Exploration Phase, players can drop-in or extract themselves as many times as they would like. However, once the Survival Phase starts, players will be blocked from entering the game.

    With the launch of Hunter & Hunted, to enter a game, players will jump into a pool from the social hub, The Capital. Once they jump in, they will be presented with a map showing the island and will be able to select a tile from which to spawn. In future Core Updates we will change the drop-in mechanics so that, after a player jumps into the pool, players will be able to skydive to any location on the map.

    Before dropping into the game, players may choose to bring in weaponry with them that they have previously banked. Previously banked weaponry is accessible within The Capital. Although banked weaponry can provide an advantage to players, if players die whilst carrying their rare guns, they will be lost and free to be equipped and extracted by other players.

    Q: What has happened to the previous game modes that have been discussed?

    A: During the last few months, we have discussed this point heavily and realised that the Mavericks Game Mode is the best way to allow players to enjoy the game overall at this point in time. As the game is still so early in its development cycle, these previous ideas have helped shape how we’ve got to our decision today and we don’t plan on introducing any other game modes at this point in time.

    Q: Can I play standard Battle Royale?

    A: At present, the only game mode present in The Forge is the Mavericks Game Mode. This game mode is malleable and in future updates, we will add new features including objectives. We may look at adding further game modes in future Core Updates.

    Q: What is The Armoury?

    A: The Armoury is the second Core Update and will be released through a series themed rapid updates between March 2019 and April 2019. This Core Update will bring further changes to The Forge including teaming, armour, explosives, and refinements to the tracking abilities introduced in Hunter & Hunted. For more information, read the blog post.

    Q: How can I refund my Founders Pack purchase?

    A: Purchases made within the last 14 days are eligible for a refund by contacting Xsolla support. This can be done both by visiting their website or by emailing [email protected] with your order information. Purchases older than 14 days are no longer eligible for a refund, to discuss this further, you can contact Xsolla support through the methods listed above.

    Q: What are the required specs to play Mavericks: Proving Grounds?

    Recommended Specs:

    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    • CPU: Intel Core i7
    • RAM: 8GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 20GB of available space

    Min Specs:

    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    • CPU: Intel Core i5
    • RAM: 8GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280X 3GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 20GB of available space