The Forge - Patch 0.1.1 | 19th March 2019

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    Patch 0.1.1 | 19th March 2019


    • Fixed landing animations being cancelled by movement whilst in first-person.
    • Implemented a fully procedural runtime aim IK system, replacing the old aimposes and lookposes (fixes third person issues with aiming).
    • Smoothed out animations when swapping weapons quickly.
    • Added first time pickup animations for AK47 and Barrett.
    • Optimised step rotation animations.
    • Added further idle-to-move animations.


    • Added voice over audio for drone extraction, survival mode starting, and zone closing.
    • Added UI sound for player death.
    • Added basic ambient audio to The Capital.

    Bug Fixes

    • Improvements and bug fixes with grass bending (should work consistently across the world, shouldn’t come back up instantly).
    • Fixed issues with first person shadows not aiming correctly.
    • Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when interacting with items.


    • Added more decals outside of warehouses.
    • Improved the meshes of the tower for better performance.
    • Removed the small gaps from levels where players were able to get stuck.
    • No longer able to shoot through the stairs.
    • Added new bendable grass.
    • Added new trees.
    • Fixed an issue with vegetation shadows flickering.
    • Added LODs to water containers.
    • Positions of several points of interest in the map have been moved.


    • Added locked crate objectives. Crates will spawn across the map and will unlock at different times. Once the time has run out, players can unlock the crates by clicking the ‘F’ key.


    • Fixed issues with hair and eyes not rendering correctly.
    • Increased the distance at which footprints render.
    • Added new footprint variants on different surfaces including grass, soil, sand, snow, shingle, wet mud and hard surfaces.


    • We have rewritten the level building and streaming systems in preparation for further map updates.
    • Several optimisations added to the streaming systems.


    • Added a player count on the UI above the deployment pools in the Hub.