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    Im new to this game as of today, so this might be posted already.

    but here is a small list.

    1. will there be some sort of weather change in-game? like fog, rain, etc.
    2. wall climbing?
    3. Fov on guns? some are good, some are right in your face.
    4. zoom function on map, also make marker on map.
    5. will there be squads? how many in that case.
    6. buildning and such are pretty random, perhpas some small village, city, military outpost, etc.
    7. outfits? like ghillie suit, etc
    8. bullet drops needs a fix :D
      9, scopes?
    9. in-game voice? team-chat, overall chat, etc.

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    So I can't confirm everything here, a lot of this is on the game design team.

    Weather changes have been planned.
    Wall climbing hasn't been brought up at this point, vaulting will be coming but not full wall climbing.
    Squads will be coming, we're expecting 4 per squad right now.
    Outfits are coming however we'd like to avoid things that provide a tactical advantage like ghille suits.
    Scopes will be coming in the Amory period of the game coming soon :)


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