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  • Disclaimer: We understand the game is not out yet. Just getting organized as fast as possible.

    Hey all! My team have come from background of tournament hosting services, such as pubgonline and Realm Royal Online. Although as a few of us worked solely with gfx, we understand how things are setup and ran. We plan to start free tournaments and other events in the Mavericks community! We currently have some big communities in other games so if you would like proof as to we know what we are doing.

    If you have a team, and think you got what it takes to be competitive. Give us a try! Submit your roster to us through discord! @ https://discord.gg/MCuRkFc

    We have put together a tier ranking system in our discord for users to find players and play against each other!

    We will offer: (All things are free)

    • League Play
    • Scrims / 1v1
    • Tournaments

    We will begin start scrims in the founders beta.

    What Are Scrims!

    • Scrims are practice for tournaments in the future and can get you or your teams name out there!

    How Does It Work?

    -Scrims work by the que room voice channel.

    • On days scrims are hosted, you will join he que room. A Staff member will be there to give a count down ( 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Que)

    • Count Downs: You or your Team Leader will find a match @ the same time the Staff member says the word "que" from he count down!

    These first couple weeks of scrims will be just for you to get the hang of things as well as for us staff to figure out the gaps we are missing. Eventually we turning scrims fully competitively with Signups until we get permission for full tournament hosting!

  • Awesome to see a experienced team coming to Mavericks!

  • Agreed! Love from your mod. ~Kuzner

  • Thanks for the support!

  • Founders

    It's great to see this kind of support for MVX already. I'm excited for the beta launch, and I'll definitely be checking out the Discord. Thanks.

  • Founders

    Nice to see how fast such a nice community can form

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the support on this project!

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