New Weapon: M14-E2

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    In Thursday’s update, players will get their hands on the M14-E2 assault rifle.

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    The M14-E2 is a variant of the more traditional M14 rifle, which has been in production since the 1950s which will make its way to Mavericks in the coming weeks.

    Unlike its predecessor, the M14-E2 is fully automatic featuring a blistering 750 rounds/min rate of fire. Accompanied with a 20-round magazine, it’s suited to medium-range firefights but with its high rate of fire, it’s a versatile weapon and packs a punch.

    The extreme rate of fire paired with the highest recoil in its class makes this is a hard weapon to master, but one that’ll reward its user with a very punishing yet flexible rifle. It’ll have a greater drop-off over longer range but its’ level of flexibility in short- to mid-range scenarios may be preferred by some players.

    Like the HK and AK47, the M14-E2 will be compatible with the silencer, red dot sight, and extended magazine.

    Aspect Stat
    Damage-Per-Second 413
    Base Damage 32.7
    Headshot Multiplier x1.97
    Partial Reload Time 3.0s
    Full Reload Time 3.75s
    Bullet Speed 650m/s
    Magazine Size 20
    Fire Rate 720 RPM
    Ammo Type 7.62mm

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    _0_1554138772458_image (1).png

    Update: 04/04/19

    See a sneak preview of the M14-E2 in the gameworld: