03/04/2019 Update: E3 Invites & Play Session

  • Hi all,

    We hope you’re all excited to come back into The Forge on Thursday for our first play session. As a reminder this play session will last from Thursday 4th April 15:00 BST until Monday 8th April 07:00 BST.

    During this play session, players will be locked to a 1km x 1km section of the map which has a number of play areas including the train yard, the lumber yard, and a processing plant. In future updates, the play area will dynamically expand depending on the number of players adding further areas for players to enjoy.

    We originally planned to bring in the first 25,000 player cohort of E3 sign-ups in with this first play session. We have decided not to invite them at this stage as we have some technical scaling concerns and have decided to delay this to our second play session on Thursday 18th April 15:00 BST.