The Forge - Patch 0.1.2 | 4th April 2019

  • Patch 0.1.2 | 4th April 2019


    • Added ground IK so that the player’s feet align with the ground underneath them.
    • The shotgun fire animation will be less erratic when switching between aiming & not while it’s playing.
    • The switching firemode animation will now be cancelled if you start a reload or shoot your gun. If the animation is cancelled your firemode will still change.


    • Added audio to peeking.
    • Fixed a bug where rock collision sounds would sometimes trigger on the player when running on slopes.

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved an issue where litter would be permanently left in the world if you saw some, returned to the Capital and then re-entered the pool.
    • Stopped litter occasionally despawning after 10 seconds instead of 2 minutes.
    • Destructible objects should now properly reset at the end of the game.
    • Fixed destructible objects not correctly destroying the same for every player.
    • Players already stood in their extraction beam when the portal opens will now correctly be extracted.
    • Stopped the automatic reload after emptying your mag from always failing.
    • Players can no longer equip primary weapons in their pistol slot.
    • Players can no longer cancel the partial reload animation and still receive the ammo.
    • The player’s spine will no longer accidentally break in half in the Capital.


    • Implemented a first pass road system.
    • Added some explosive barrels around the map.
    • Changes to the Ocean Water Shader to have it react more correctly during darker periods
    • Created a focused 1km gameplay area in the lower right of the map. Began adding points of interest and design blockouts for playtesting.


    • Added the M14-E2 to the game. The M14-E2 is an assault rifle with high rate-of-fire, spread, recoil, damage but a small magazine size of 20.
    • Implemented a first pass bullet penetration system, this will primarily work in the trainyard for now.
    • The prone state has been added to the game, you can press ‘Z’ to enter it.
    • Added support for attachments and, along with it, a red dot sight and a silencer.
    • Added armour including a helmet and bullet vest to the game.
    • The zone has been reduced to 1km diameter around the area of the map that we’re focusing on developing at the moment.
    • Implemented a rudimentary dynamic item spawning system. This initial pass simply distributes a fixed quantity of items across the world.


    • Added support for roads across the Isle of Dern.
    • Optimised the data storage and distribution for both footprints and bent grass.


    • Optimised the logic for updating weapon data (for example the guns you own & remaining ammo count).
    • The play sessions have been added to the login screen.

    Patch 0.1.2a | 5th April 2019

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved issues where players would not realigning correctly after falling from some objects.
    • Player counts should now update correctly in the Capital when you first log in.
    • If the world resets, players will keep the gear they had in their inventory.


    • The playable 1km x 1km area has received a few minor additions along with new item spawns.
    • Updated the lighting to the correct preset.


    • Players are now able to aim downwards while leaning over edges in prone.
    • Various improvements to first-person prone movement.
    • Extraction preparation time has been halved.
    • Added numerous item spawns to the play area.
    • Adjusted the loot spawning table, including adding ammo spawns to the world.
    • Disabled crouch & prone in The Capital.


    • Scaled up the red dot sight whilst on the ground.
    • 50Cal. ammo found on the ground will now be using the correct model.
    • The red dot sight’s reticle should now display correctly.
    • Shotgun Damage Increased (9 -> 13 damage per pellet).
    • Barrett Damage Decreased (102 -> 80 damage).
    • HK Damage Decreased (34 -> 33 damage).
    • MP5 Damage Increased (25 -> 27 damage).
    • Scorpion Damage Increased (23 -> 25 damage).
    • USP Damage Increased (Close range: 25 -> 33 up close, damage decreases to 17 instead of 12.5).
    • PPQ Damage Increased (Close range: 22 -> 28, damage decreases to 14 instead of 11).


    • Added further security measures to prevent server takedown.