I have some questions.

  • Founders

    As the title says. I really like the idea of this game, i just came across this game on the internet. But i have my concerns, i know this game is still in pre-alpha, but looking on different social media it doesn’t seem to be alive. I’ve seen the new update of the game going into pre-alpha until june 2019.

    If i become a founder can i play every test “weekend”?

    What is the chance of this game going to be in everyday playable state this year? or is it gonna be playable weekends till the full release?

  • Admin

    You’ll have access to all the playtests, invites are only for those who signed up early that AREN’T Founders 🙂

  • Founders

    @sam Yeah sorry i’ve named those playtest as “test weekends” for myself didn’t recall the correct name after reading all the pages on the website. But when you are a Founder, can you access all playtests or do you have to get invited for them?

  • Admin

    Hi Reflex,

    So at the moment, it’s not just weekends, but we’re holding scheduled playtests as you can read over on our news page, these are 4 days every 2 weeks.

    I believe the plan is to permanently open after those playtests but more information on this will become available as we get closer to that point.

    Likely around E3 more information will be available.