Train Yard Redesign

  • Admin

    With today’s update, we see the addition of the redesigned trainyard. We’ve made some significant changes to the trainyard as our centrepiece for these playtests leading up to E3 2019.

    For E3 2019 we have chosen to present an area of the environment that is representative of our intended level of quality, both from an art content and level design point of view. We chose the Trainyard to be our benchmark moving forward, verticality and scale have been increased, along with greater contrast in range achieved through the increased scale. The trainyard is now centred around two fully playable and interactive locomotion trains, moving the trains will grant access to cover and safe passage, or equally, expose certain routes, or simply used as a distraction. The trains are a powerful tool that can used to great strategic effect, supporting a great many tactics within the level. We then built up destructible elements, from walls and temporary cover, to blocked routes and locked off areas that require destruction to enter. The added vertically comes in the form of access to all of the featured roofs, including the warehouses, as well as Capital fortifications and additions.