The Forge - Patch 0.1.3 | 18th April 2019

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    Patch 0.1.3 | 18th April 2019


    • Improved jumping over the network.


    • Added both a 2D and 3D sound when players enter the deployment pool.
    • Extraction audio will no longer play when you first enter the world.


    • Updated the materials and geometry used for the portacabins.
    • Updated some of the assets used within the trainyard to be non-whitebox.
    • Increased the scale & verticality of the trainyard.
    • Players should no longer slide down ramps.
    • Updated the lighting in the world, with this the time of day is temporarily fixed to 2PM.


    • The distance of a kill and whether or not it was a headshot is now shown in the kill feed & death screen.
    • Added two functional trains to the Isle of Dern, you can ride these in the trainyard.
    • Replaced our static item spawn system with an initial pass of a dynamic one. This will be iterated on more over the coming patches.
    • Added Leg Guards to the world, these provide 30% damage reduction and have 200 durability.
    • New players are now given a default set of items within their bank.
    • Rebalanced the value of each item, this will affect their impact on your extraction time.
    • Raised the requirement for the extraction beam to indicate the extractor is very wealthy.
    • Reduced the extraction cooldown after failing to extract by 2 minutes.
    • Increased the minimum extraction preparation time to 10s.


    • Network optimisation to improve the handling of large numbers of players in an area.
    • Reduced the occurrence of stutters when loading in new parts of the map.
    • Improved the performance in general, this mainly benefits players not using the “Low” setting.
    • Improved the networking of decals (footprints, blood splats etc) left in the world.
    • Resolved a memory leak on the server that caused performance degradation over time.
    • Updated the version of SpatialOS we’re using, this will bring several networking improvements.


    • Founders & non-Founders now have different nametags within The Capital.
    • Keybinds have been added to the settings window.
    • Added a “Reset to default” button to the settings window.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where ping would always display as 0.
    • Reduced the occurrence of our most common crash related to players entering your rendering distance.
    • Resolved a crash relating to attachments being removed from a gun.
    • Suppressed weapons no longer continue to fire if you kill someone who is firing one.
    • Fixed a server crash caused by player death.
    • The server should no longer reset the game time if it crashes.
    • Resolved the bug where the zone would never reset after a Survival phase.
    • Stopped players from being re-given the weapons they previously extracted after a Survival phase ends.