New Weapons - May 2019

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    In next week’s update, we’ll be introducing an array of new weaponry and equipment. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be able to get your hands on in the next play session while exploring the Isle of Dern.



    Those of you that have already taken part in previous playtests will recognise this, the M14. With the M14-E2 already available, the M14 has higher damage compared to its counterpart, with longer range and less damage drop-off, providing players with a solid option for those long-distance engagements.

    You’ll only have a 10 round magazine compared to the M14-E2’s 20 round magazine, so you’ll need to make every shot count. The rifle also suffers from greater vertical recoil, but with less horizontal, it could be a challenging but rewarding investment.

    Aspect Stat
    Damage-Per-Second 310
    Base Damage 34
    Headshot Multiplier x1.97
    Partial Reload Time 3.0s
    Full Reload Time 3.75s
    Bullet Speed 750m/s
    Magazine Size 10
    Fire Rate 500 RPM
    Ammo Type 7.62mm



    Another somewhat familiar face, the RPK. A new LMG with a large magazine of 40 total rounds, you’ll be able to apply prolonged pressure at long range with ease. With mediocre damage and low accuracy, don’t be surprised to not see immediate success with the RPK, learning the best times to use this gun to its’ full potential will be key!

    Aspect Stat
    Damage-Per-Second 336
    Base Damage 33
    Headshot Multiplier x1.97
    Partial Reload Time 1.6s
    Full Reload Time 3.0s
    Bullet Speed 720m/s
    Magazine Size 40
    Fire Rate 600 RPM
    Ammo Type 7.62mm


    Along with new guns, we’ll be introducing our first batch of throwables into the game with five new grenades.

    • M26 Frag Grenade
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Incendiary Grenade
    • 84 Flash Bang
    • Concussion Grenade


    You’ll be able to find these throwables as you travel throughout the Isle of Dern. These grenades will provide players with new tactical choices – a frag grenade through a window, or perhaps a smoke grenade to get yourself out of trouble and reposition? The choice is yours.

    M26 Frag Grenade

    Aspect Stat
    Damage 100 Damage with falloff (0 damage beyond 15m)
    Range Up To 15 Metres

    Smoke Grenade

    Aspect Stat
    Range ~10 Metres
    Effect Duration ~25 Seconds
    Effect White Smoke

    Incendiary Grenade

    Aspect Stat
    Damage 20 Damage-Per-Second
    Range Up To 6 Metres
    Effect Duration 20 Seconds
    Effect Deals fire damage to any players caught in its range.

    84 Flash Bang

    Aspect Stat
    Range Up To 15 Metres
    Effect Duration 3 Seconds of blindness followed by 3 seconds of weak disorientation.
    Effect Complete blindness followed by weak disorientation.

    Concussion Grenade

    Aspect Stat
    Damage 20 Damage with falloff (0 damage beyond 30 Metres)
    Range Up To 30 Metres
    Effect Duration Initial 0.3 second flash with 9 seconds of strong disorientation followed by 9 seconds of aim restriction.
    Effect Strong disorientation that will restrict movement and aiming followed by visual ghosting.

    Weapon Attachments

    The second batch of attachments to arrive at the Dern, we’ve added Extended Magazines, Muzzle Brakes and Compensators.

    _Weapon Attachments

    Specific categories have been added to the weapon attachments, and not every attachment will be compatible with each weapon so be careful as you pick up loot throughout the Isle of Dern.

  • Founders

    I’m going to question the M14/M14E2 decision from a realistic and competitive standpoint.

    Realistically, the M14-E2 was a development test rifle for a squad automatic to assist in support. The M14 was an arms reach distance rifle and a standard issue, both are incredibly similar but every difference between the 2 change their characteristics.
    The M14E2-

    • Was lighter, with more wood than metal and even implemented plastic.
    • Had a compensator vs a break.
    • A Bipod AND foregrip.
    • An actual pistol grip that was implemented to increase recoil management.
    • Faced overheating issues due to higher rate of fire.

    With that said, having both the M14 and E2 variants makes no sense.

    • They both have the same barrel length and ammo type (.308/7.62), why is there a difference in damage?
    • Same question for distance, same round through the same barrel. Why is the reach different with a different damage fall off?
    • The M14 is a single fire, heavier body rifle WITH a muzzle break, the E2 was developed with a compensator, foregrip, and pistol grip to face those M14 issues.
      If anything, the M14 should have increased accuracy whereas the E2 should have better recoil control. Both were designed with different positions within the infantry squad.
    • Because heat affects the performance of a rifle, the E2 should suffer in this spectrum more so than the M14.

    In an argument of a competitive shooter, the M14 should be changed out for the M1A, Gewehr or German SKS if some variance and real competitive edge for distance shots is to be had. As it stands, there’s no real sense behind having 2 variants of the same rifle with different characteristics.

  • Founders

    @sam Holy cow! At this rate, Mavericks will surpass PUBG on weapons by release.