The Forge - Patch 0.1.4 | 3rd May 2019

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    Patch 0.1.4 | 3rd May 2019

    Date & Timings
    15:00 BST Friday 3rd May 2019 until AM Tuesday 7th May.

    If you have any feedback from this playtest, please give us your feedback.


    13:00 | 02/05/19

    Hi all, we’ve discovered an issue in our release so today’s playtest has been delayed. We are still looking to release later today and will update you as soon as possible.

    17:30 | 02/05/19

    Hi all, our tech team has continued work on today’s update but unfortunately we have not been able to fully rectify the issues found earlier today. As such we have decided to delay this release to tomorrow (03/05/19). We plan to release the new patch tomorrow afternoon and will update you as soon as possible with further information.

    12:15 | 03/05/19

    Hi all, thank you for your patience with this latest update. We have been finalising the build this morning and are set to release this afternoon at 15:00.

    17:30 | 03/05/19

    After the release, we have noticed a number of crashes being caused by grenades causing issues with servers. We are working on a patch now and will release this immediately to fix this issue.

    18:30 | 03/05/19

    The new patch has been released and is available for you to download.


    • Footstep sounds when jogging and sprinting are slightly louder. No change to sneaking/crouching.
    • Increased audible range of suppressors by 33%.
    • Volume reduction to bullet fly-bys and receiving damage, hopefully making it easier to locate gunshots.
    • Volume reduction to background wind.
    • Added more objective-based voice lines.
    • Added audio to loot crates.
    • Added audio for extraction beams.


    • Improved the natural world throughout the Isle Of Dern, with changes to rock placements, forests, cliff structures and rivers.


    • New Weapons:
      • RPK
      • M14
    • First Batch of Throwables:
      • M26 Frag Grenade
      • Smoke Grenade
      • Incendiary Grenade
      • 84 Flash Bang
      • Concussion Grenade
    • New Attachments:
      • Extended Magazine
      • Compensator
      • Muzzle Brake
    • Weapon attachments have been separated so they are unique to specific weapon classes. The suppressor previously found has been converted to a handgun suppressor.
    • Added specific weapon categories to all attachments.
    • Gun balance changes.
    • Players are awarded bits for killing enemies and for their place in a battle royale.


    • The game engine has been updated, helping us to identify and fix certain issues easier, as well as introducing a significant number of optimisations to the game.
    • To reduce stuttering and increase general performance, further optimisations have been added when loading:
      • Objects
      • Map Chunks
      • Items
      • Armour
      • Weapons


    • Armour vests should now correctly absorb hits to the upper arms and middle of the chest.
    • Fixed an issue the prevented litter from weapons being left behind.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented jointed objects from destroying correctly.