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    Please, devs, optimize the hell out of this game!

    After logging over 900 hours on PUBG, I quit due to frustration from lack of optimization and poor network performance. I have a 7700k @5ghz and a 1080ti, yet would still get frame stutters, fps drops below 60, and overall poor gameplay performance.

    I have hope for this game being the next realistic Battle Royale king (I have enough hope that I became a founder). I just pray that the devs focus on ensuring the game runs smooth on both the server and client side. I want this game to feel like a polished AAA game, running consistent FPS with good server performance.
    I have high hopes for this game and am confident the devs will deliver! See you all in the closed beta!

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    Mavericks will already be well ahead of pubg simply from the spacial-OS being implemented. pubg is just garbage, written by a guy who has zero real programming knowledge. He was a simple modder so he has no real concrete experience making games, just mods.

    One of my biggest gripes with games today are the cookie cutter engines that are sold to anyone that help make game creation easier, but by doing so, also limit what can be done because people aren't learning proper coding anymore. They can just copy and paste a code from a community forum even if its terrible just to get their game sold. Worse pubg hasn't really hired anyone to help develop the game, as far as I know its still one guy in his basement....

    you should watch the youtube video's already out on the official mavericks site, you might like what you hear :)


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