Weapon Refinement & Rebalance | 3rd May 2019

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    For the May release, we tweaked the weapon setup to try to bring more consistency between weapon classes, we’ve done so using the weapon’s calibre as the defining baseline when it comes to recoil, power and range.


    What does this mean for me and my beloved guns?

    Pistols and SMGs

    • 9mm is the most accurate of our ammo types, great for close range engagements where weapon control is key. The 9mm weapons will be the easiest to control – in full auto the CZ Scorpion with a mighty 800RPM fire rate is still controllable and the weapon of choice for sub-40 metres fights.

    • .45ACP is the heavy weight of the Pistol and SMG class with considerably greater punch that the 9mm brother, expect it to take 1 less shot to kill a target than the equivalent 9mm, even against armoured enemies. However, it’s not quite as easy to control and due to its size, .45ACP weapons have smaller magazine sizes, so bear this in mind when choosing your loadout. A JT45 with a red dot is a serious weapon at close quarters and can wipe the floor against larger calibre Assault Rifles… if used correctly.

    Assault Rifles and LMGS

    • 5.56mm – Like the relationship between 9mm and .45ACP, 5.56mm calibre weapons will take the win in ease of use and recoil control. However, it’s smaller calibre and weight make it less effective against armoured enemies, dealing slightly less damage than respective 7.62mm weapons.

    • 7.62mm - The heavier round deals more damage to both armoured and unarmoured enemies, and do so over great distances too. With higher damage comes higher recoil, making 7.62mm weapons more difficult to control, however, well-placed shots deliver high damage over a longer range. These weapons have some of the highest skill capacities of all of the weapons in the arsenal so proceed with care. Single shot fire-mode is advised.


    We’ve tweaked the stances with respect to accuracy to reduce their effect. Each effect is additive.

    • Moving will reduce accuracy by 10%
    • Crouched will increase accuracy by 5% (previously 10%)
    • Prone will increase accuracy by 10% (previously 20%)

    As ever, it’s The Forge, feedback is greatly appreciated and please feel free to reach out, hope to see you all in the Isle of Dern. If you prefer a different format or have suggestions as to the layout of future posts please let me know and we’ll iterate. All the best, L.

    Juicy Weapon Damage Stats:

    Weapon Classes Magazine Capacity Bullet Speed Power Power End FO Start FO End RPM
    PPQ Pistol 17 408 27 13.5 20 45 450
    USP45 Pistol 12 350 33 16.5 20 45 450
    Ithaca Shotgun 5 320 180 54 6 32 80
    M14-E2 Rifle 20 650 32.7 24.5 120 300 720
    AK47 Rifle 30 720 33 25.4 110 290 600
    M14 Rifle 10 750 34 25.5 130 320 500
    HK417 Rifle 30 775 30 23.4 95 250 600
    MP5 SMG 25 400 26.5 17.2 45 65 700
    Scorpion SMG 25 380 25 16.3 40 60 820
    Barrett M87A2 Sniper 10 850 72 61.2 200 500 450
    RPK LMG 50 600 33 25.74 150 360 600

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    Thanks for letting us see stuff like this!
    That does make sense to keep ammo types generic rather than specific to their diameter, leave that to Arma ya? I hadn’t even thought about that when writing about their ammo type, I suppose their characteristics could be shifted in the chart rather than looking around the map for .308 vs 7.62 vs .50.
    Would love to see the upcoming stuff you guys have up your sleeve, and your planned arsenal for us!

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    Thanks for the response!
    The range of rifles will be expanded in the future to support lighter calibre rifles, at which point we’ll ensure the characteristics are sufficiently represented. The point of the HK is an interesting one, to try and ensure that we keep the ammo types from getting too granular we’ve grouped similar ammo together, at a cost of realism. However, this shouldn’t stop us from efficiently capturing said weapons with their respective characteristics. I’ll keep you in a loop, once we get the 5.56mm rifles in we’ll tweak the other rifles somewhat. I’ll post some experimental images of different recoil setups, I’m interested in your thoughts on the more hardcore ones.
    Stance - Yes, apologies that were a typo.

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    @yogurtstorm-0001 Howdy - sorry, my bad, it was a typo. That should make abit more sense now.

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    Hey guys!
    One of the reasons MVX got my attention so much is because it gave off the vibe that it was a much more tactile BR that sat somewhere between PUBG and Arma3. Giving feedback this early is a struggle on my part because our caliber choices are so limited but I know there are far more weapons to be added down the line that will further the tactical choices, so my criticism lies heavily on such a small arsenal. The flip side difficulty is that I have extensive experience with firearms , but I’m not on the development team. Due to this, I don’t know where my IRL experience falls in line with the feel the team wants in their weapons at the same time trying to keep the competitive BR video game feeling in focus.
    With all that said, the guns…

    These guns have been at our disposal the longest and honestly feel the most solid right now. The 9mm feels like a go to sidearm for pecking away at health for a smaller punch at longer distances than a .45. In contrast, the .45 also feels like a good sidearm for CQB situations and has the characteristics of such a caliber. Harder recoil punch, more power. I’ve managed to kill armored out players with both pistols, both manage to do their job affectively.
    Light Caliber Rifles
    I have not seen either the caliber nor a weapon that uses such ammunition. However if it were to be added my initial comments are that it is a physically lighter round, great for armor penetration due to its velocity over the heavier 7.62, doesn’t travel as far as 7.62, and easier to manage the recoil for.
    Currently, since all the rifles in game use this ammunition there doesn’t feel like any distinct advantage to use one rifle over the other. There needs to be a separation of power (M14, E2, and HK use literal .308 (7.62x51mm) while the AK uses 7.62x39mm, a smaller round) between the rifles. Especially if 5.56 is to be added in future iterations of the game, the characteristics will definitely need to be different.
    .50 Cal
    This is an obvious one, the round is huge. If it doesn’t kill you wearing armor, it definitely needs to bring you to gut wrenchingly low health and broken chest armor. The .50 cal is a single shot anti-material destroyer, it should continue its difficult to handle and destructive nature.
    I’m not sure if it was a typo, but I’m confused how moving while ADS would increase accuracy while laying prone, with more points of balance and weight decreases accuracy. Some of these guns nearly reach 20lbs with attachments, I’m confused how this makes sense. I will leave this one alone for now.

    I’ll save the chart for now and keep it in mind for down the road when there are more weapons and calibers in game, and balancing each makes itself more apparent. Thanks for the heads up on this stuff! Love to see the master minds at work 😄

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    @l4wrence said in Weapon Refinement/Rebalance - May 2nd:

    We’ve tweaked the stances with respect to accuracy to reduce their effect. Each effect is additive.
    Moving will increase accuracy by +10%
    Crouched will reduce accuracy by -5% (previously -10%)
    Prone will reduce accuracy by -10% (previously -20%)

    Thank you for the post ❤

    I think I’m misunderstanding the stances, I’m reading that moving increases accuracy but shouldn’t the shooter be less accurate if he’s moving while shooting? Same for the Crouched/Prone stances, it’s written that they reduce accuracy but maybe the intention is actually they reducing recoil?