New Weapon: Lee Enfield No.4

  • Staff

    Coming on Thursday, the community will get their hands on the Lee Enfield No.4 – a stripper clip-fed, bolt action, repeating rifle.

    Lee Enfield No.4

    Used by the British Empire and Commonwealth, it was the standard rifle used by the British Army from 1895 to 1957. The rifle struggles with a slow rate of fire but offers its user high damage to boast, bringing down enemies with a single headshot.

    You’d be best using this in the early stages of a game, stealthily picking off enemies from distance. Conversely, close out the game with a well-placed shot, but beware, it’s loud and will completely give away your position, so make sure you make it count! The recoil is moderate and is considerably less than the larger .50-calibre sniper rifle, the Barrett M87A2.

    Aspect Stat
    Damage-Per-Second 45
    Base Damage 82
    Headshot Multiplier x1.97
    Partial Reload Time 3
    Full Reload Time 3.75
    Bullet Speed 750m/s
    Magazine Size 10
    Fire Rate 52 RPM
    Ammo Type .300 Magnum

  • Founders

    Oh, oh this is fancy. I’m looking forward to seeing how this bigboi is gonna handle Dern and its overly blood thirsty citizens vs the other big guns. Possibly a medium between the faster rifles, and the .50 cal. Juicy.

  • Founders

    Definitely a good weapon choice, a whole WW2 arsenal could find its way into the lore, as utterly powerful, rare and clunky weapons. Can’t wait to check it out 👀

  • Founders

    It’ll be fun to see a modern style on this weapon with the gun skins. Any near-future weapons in the pipeline?