The Forge - Patch: 0.1.5 | 16th May 2019

  • Staff

    Patch: 0.1.5 | 16th May 2019

    Date & Timings
    15:00 BST Thursday 16th May 2019 until AM Monday 20th May.

    If you have any feedback from this playtest, please give us your feedback.


    • Made improvements to weapon sways as you move with a weapon equipped.
    • Improved grenade throw whilst prone.
    • Implemented a new set of third-person animations. New third-person animations may look and perform slightly worse than previously experienced. This is because we have cleaned up and optimised into a new animation system which will allow us to add new, and better-looking, animations in the coming updates.
    • Emotes have been added to The Capital. Players can hold T to bring up a wheel to select an emote. Players can now point, wave, clap, imitate a throat slit at other players.


    • Improved footstep audio balancing based upon someone’s location above or below you.
    • Added new audio to grenades when exploding.
    • As guns near empty, the audio will reflect this.
    • Added a sound effect when dropping items.



    Gameplay and Economy

    • Shops have been added to The Capital. At these shops, players can purchase a variety of items including weapons, ammunition, consumables, and clothing items.
    • Players can now use ‘alt-right click’ to pick up and drop items (whilst on the Isle of Dern) or deposit items to their bank (whilst in The Capital). This will transfer a fixed quantity of items depending on their type and use-case. Players can also still hold alt and drag to transfer a user-defined quantity of items.
    • Reduced the influence of the ground incline/decline on a player’s jump angle.
    • Objective Crates will now only spawn in when the minimum number of players has been reached for the survival phase to start.
    • Added inventory limits to the game. Players can now only carry a fixed amount of items determined on item weight. How much inventory you’ve taken up will be shown as a percentage at the bottom of the UI.
    • Bits rewarded for participating in the Survival Phase will now be proportionally allocated according to the number of players.
    • Objective Crates, along with the addition of Clothing Items, will contain more loot.


    • Reduced sight movement when moving and ADS.
    • Added a new rifle to the game; Lee Enfield No.4.
    • Increased damage of both the Lee Enfield and the 50 calibre M87A2.
    • Introduced 5.56mm ammo, with the RK417 requiring this ammo temporarily.
    • Reduced recoil on the RK417
    • Resolved issues where bullets would cause incorrect damage value, inflecting lower damage and intermittent healing.
    • Players experiencing high latency will no longer encounter a negative ammo bug.


    • Updated our internal version of CryEngine bringing both greater stability and performance.
    • Further server optimisations have been implemented improving stability.
    • Improved debugging tools for detecting hit issues.
    • Resolved a rare instance where our game build process caused errors with networked entities.


    • Items in your inventory, will now display with a tool tip specifying the name of the item.
    • Items in your inventory will now display in tiles rather than a list.
    • Players will no longer be able to open the map whilst in The Capital.
    • Players inventory will now display correctly upon entry to The Capital.


    • Resolved an issue where 3D UI elements could occasionally share the same UI. This commonly occurred with player’s name tags inside of The Capital.
    • Magazines dropped from the RPK will now appear with the right texture.
    • Fixed bug where leg armour could not be equipped by clicking-and-dragging.
    • Fixes bug where players would not be awarded kill credit for kills with a grenade.
    • Resolved an issue where players could not quick select their last-selected grenade (by clicking ‘G’ after throwing a grenade).
    • Stopped the prone camera pitch limitations occasionally being applied to players outside of the prone position.
    • Fixed an issue where overcooked grenades would not be removed from the inventory.
    • Players can no longer sprint whilst throwing grenades.

    Patch: 0.1.5b | 16th May 2019

    • Reduced stuttering within The Capital
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s settings menu would close when another player disconnected