Suggestion about the being prone

  • Hello, hi.
    Just got this game access today and so far there wasnt any bugs i have encountered on the other hand, its mostly about gameplay i experienced. Mavericks, i do not know if you are trying to be a very realistic game, but if you guys are I hope you guys pay attention to when anyone is laying the floor they can do a 180 really fast. Personally i think there should be something to slow down the turnings when laying the floor. (Just a suggestion does not need to be worked on i support any side you guys choose to do)

    Based on a true story:
    It was my 7th game in and so far i been learning a lot! I went all out with full armor and heard gunshots to my right once i spawned in. I went towards the noise and i stumbled by a “Dead body” but that was what i thought. It was a person hiding (Really good hiding spot used the tall grass to be hidden) and he was looking at the opposite side i was. I knew because when my mind processed he was alive and laying the floor. He quickly just turned around on the floor, on a steep side of the hill and just drilled me when gunshots.

    To me i think thats unrealistic because he was on a hill and a split second he just turned around. Overall, great so far! Keep on constantly telling the community what you guys are planning to do. Good Luck this game will have potential where it goes just do not leave the community in the dark!

  • Admin

    Hi Wix,

    Thanks for the feedback! Definitely on the 180 while prone, we’re aiming for a more realistic and we’ll definitely be taking this into account. I’ve passed it onto the design team.