Early Access

  • I might be too late for this but here it goes. I signed up for early access months before the E3 event and never received an invite. Is there any procedure I can follow to contact someone about getting that invite?

  • I am also in the same boat. I signed up during the E3 announcement . My buddy who I told about the game signed up a few days after me has been invited a second time to the early access but I have seen nothing. Thank you

  • Thanks for the reply Sam. I actually signed up when you had beta signups months before E3. Did those signups get tossed? Thanks!

  • Admin

    Hi Season

    Invites are being sent out to registered emails based on when they signed up, we’re currently in the process of inviting the first 100,000 E3 signups.

    If you signed up early enough, you’ll receive an email soon if you haven’t already, these haven’t ALL gone out yet and you may still be receiving an invite for a future playtest. If not, you’d need to purchase a Founder’s pack through our website.