stop the alpha

  • and immediatedly go back to working on the game.
    this is no joke, even for an alpha, this is not in a testable spot right now.
    once i can jump through what are supposed fixed objects, or actually shoot through whole building to hit my opponents, you know what to do.
    i don’t know at which point in development this is, but it’s waaaay to soon for reserved invites to have tests that can easily been done in-house.
    get this offline and work on it.there is nothing of value to be tested.i’m dead serious here.the feedback you’ll gain from this won’t help you actually get to the point where serious development will start.
    first, figure our your engine.there is more broken then working things in here.

  • Founders

    SOON!!! How long is soon. It’s now June.

  • Admin

    Hi Shadonic,

    There’s a lot to test, all of which might not be immediately apparent, while elements of gameplay are still being worked on like a lot of what you’ve mentioned above, there’s a lot of tech involved with Mavericks which is very beneficial to have players testing.

    On top of this, we’ve received valuable information on gunplay, balancing, map density and such. There’s a lot still to do, we’ve no doubts there but the feedback we’ve gained from our day 1 launch has definitely been invaluable.

    Hopefully, if you’re looking for a more finished game, we’ll see you back here soon when we’re a little further along 🙂