The Forge - Patch 0.2.0 | 11th June 2019

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    Patch: 0.2.0 | 11th June 2019

    Date & Timings
    15:00 BST Tuesday 11th June 2019 until PM Monday 16th June.


    In this playtest, we’d like players to feedback with the following questions in mind:

    • What’s your go-to weapon for the current state of play and why?
    • With our new dynamic map size that’s based on player numbers, what are your thoughts about the map’s density? Do you feel it’s cramped or too sparse?
    • Extraction times have been dramatically reduced. With these new changes, what are your thoughts about extraction? * Is it too easy or hard to extract?
    • Do you feel the frequency of objectives scales well with player numbers?
    • How would you rate our Survival Phase against other Battle Royales? Do you find it as exciting as other games on the market?


    Got feedback? Please share it with us on in our Discord or our feedback thread.

    New Features

    Seamless Loading

    We’ve made some significant upgrades and improvements to our tech which means that when players jump into the Isle of Dern from The Capital, they will now seamlessly transition into a freefall with no loading screens.


    With this update also comes a full drop-in experience so that players can experience a first-person freefall towards the Isle of Dern. As player’s fall, they will be met by their own drone who will aid them as they adjust course, choosing where to land on the island. During drone-assisted descent, the player can adjust (and accelerate) their flight path with the usual controls. Once in close proximity to the ground, the player has the opportunity to engage targets with their pistol (if one is equipped), until the drone disengages and lets the player drop safely to the floor.

    Champion Celebration

    Surviving to be the last player standing is a big achievement that should be appropriately recognised. Where everyone else respawns in The Capital upon death, the Champion of each match now has a rather more grand entrance, rising out of the victory tunnel on a hovering podium.

    The tunnel itself displays a selection of the player’s finest stats from the match, and the podium comes to rest above the deployment area, from which location the player can then receive the adulation of those they have recently conquered. During this sequence, and for the following hour, winners will automatically sport a jaunty crown in The Capital, just to make sure everyone’s aware of how successful they are.



    • Reduced the time it takes for the player’s legs to change direction when strafing.
    • Headbob has been removed from all weapon animations whilst jogging (while standing or crouched).


    • Added different impact sounds for armour vs no armour.
    • Landing sound effects now trigger after jumping or falling.
    • Low health sounds now trigger.
    • Added audio for the weather system.
    • Added audio for ‘first time pickup’ gun animations.
    • Added collision sounds for dynamic objects impacting terrain.


    • Reduced the amount of clipping between clothing items and armour vests.
    • The time of day has been adjusted from midday to early morning.
    • It is now raining within the Isle of Dern.
    • The area has been expanded to 1.2km², and the layout has been reworked.
    • The visuals of the trainyard have been significantly improved.
    • Added a selection of network-synced physics objects to the world, such as barrels, logs etc.


    • Grenades now bounce less, making it easier to chuck that precise ‘nade.
    • The stun grenade’s damage radius has been halved to 15m, but the maximum damage has been increased from 20 to 30.
    • Loot crates now spawn into the world based on the number of players playing (more players = more crates) and current unopened loot crate count. Loot crate timers also adjust slightly based on player count.
    • You can now peek without holding a weapon.
    • The safe zone’s radius now scales based on how many players have joined the match (more players means a larger zone).
    • Reduced the amount of time it takes for an extraction to become ready.
    • Extractions now only remain open for 30 seconds.


    • The time it takes to holster your weapon has been significantly reduced across all weapons.
    • Weapon draw times have been increased to reflect the weight of the respective weapons.
    • Several guns have had their bullet velocity modified:
      • RPK (+14%)
      • JT45 (+28.5%)
      • PPM (+13%)
      • M87A2 (+76%)


    • Updated to a newer version of SpatialOS to provide improved stability.
    • Resolved some crashes related to armour and lights within the world.
    • The network syncing of dynamic objects has been improved.
    • Improved how grass bends when you walk over it.


    • Optimised the loading of the shop items.
    • Improved the performance for the shop items, and increased the distance at which you can see them.


    • Grenades no longer affect destructible objects that are very far away from the explosion.
    • The Ithaca 37’s spread values are no longer the same as an AK47’s.
    • Removed a large number of unexpected holes from the Isle of Dern.
    • The RPK no longer floats when dropped.
    • The victory screen no longer shows the information from your previous death.
    • Extraction points are now properly removed when the game resets.
    • Extraction waypoints are now properly cleared after being used.
    • You can no longer use auto-run whilst emoting.
    • Users will now correctly reconnect to their old player character if they re-enter the world after a crash. This will only happen if their old character is still alive.
    • Jumping into the deployment pools no longer incorrectly triggers 2 separate entrance sounds.
    • Resolved instances of objects being misaligned in the world.