Bugs/complaints/suggestions thread.

  • What exactly is worth reporting here? I have no direction as to how I’m supposed to be helping. I could say there’s rubberbanding, but you probably know that. Anyway, here’s a short list of bugs/complaints/suggestions.

    • You can fall through the ceiling of the warehouses in exploration area 2. They don’t have physical properties.

    • I can’t loot bodies effectively with a simple right click. You have to drag the loot to its proper spot.

    • The timers don’t make sense to a new player and nothing is really explained. What’s an extraction? Why am I extracting? What is the value to extracting? How does the bank work? What is the survival phase and why is it different?

    • Why is there 2 exploration areas? Why are they seperated in the hub world?

    • What is the purpose of factions, and how does that play into the testing? Am I now seperated from 3/4’s of the population of the game?

  • Admin


    Some of the proxy issues (like the rooftops) are known about and being addressed.

    The two different pools are set up so that 1 pool is in the BR survival phase, while the other is in the exploration phase, once the survival starts you’re unable to rejoin and will need to travel to the other pool.

    The factions are part of a larger plot and story, which will be built on as the game progresses.

    The new player experience could definitely be streamlined and some additional guidance early on to explain certain features.