Map Exploration Phase

  • Founders

    G’day from Australia,
    I’ve jumped into the map maybe 3 or 4 times now on 12 June 19.
    So this is an ignorant question, but how do i find anything when the map is so looted already and i have to punch people loaded to the hilt with weapons? I found a handgun once, and a rifle on another occasion only to be promptly killed by another player with multiple weapons and stun grenades.
    Can anyone give some general advice please?


  • Admin

    Hey guys,

    We’ve acknowledged issues with the lack of loot readily available, we’ll be making changes to the rate at which guns respawn.

  • I agree totally. You jump in with nothing and there is no loot! Run and hide or get killed. Need more loot. I have seen nothing on the ground at all. It seems it is all on top of the crates.