Game dosen't load properly

  • So I’ve download the game, everything good, but after I start it the game just remain on a rainy un-texturized place and the only thing I see is the mouse , witch I can move , but nothing else happens.
    Can you help me?

  • @sam To add to this thread, most of the time I jump into the arena no weapons or gear load. I got it to work for some time after bringing in my own gear but after the survival phase the gear won’t load again.

  • @sam Intel i76700K, 32 gb ram, gtx 1070 overcloked 8gb memory, I’ve olso tryed to verify game files and is everthing ok.

  • @sam Hello,
    I have the same issue, were can i post, or send some pictures how my game looks.
    The support page says this:

    Access Denied
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that you do not have access to

  • Admin

    Can you send me your specs, and also your internet speeds? You can also try using the verify game files on the launcher settings, might have missed something weirdly.

  • @sam I don’t even see the char, I just hear the music and see in the distant a windmill and the texture is not rendered, I don’t see any other thing .
    My pc is preatty good and I know it might take some time to load , but I’ve let it run for like 15 min.

  • Admin

    Hi Kmelloe,

    Can you let me know your PC specs, it might be taking some time load in everything. A lot of the Social Hub area is untextured right now, jumping into the pool infront of you (If it’s there for you) will take you into the game mode.