Alpha Play Sessions | July 2019

  • Staff

    Hey guys,

    A lot of new features were added during the last playtest and we hope you guys have seen the amount of progress that’s been made recently. We released a video last week showcasing some of the new additions and it’s clear to see the differences between now and November are night-and-day.

    But, there’s still lots to do.

    The Forge was and continues to be, centred around your feedback and thid playtest was no different. So if you haven’t already, please give us your comments on the good, bad, and the ugly on the Forum or Discord.

    And, whilst we’ve made significant updates recently, the game is not quite the Alpha we wanted it to be. As such, our next play session – taking place in July – will see the Alpha’s first public showing. We’ll release more formal details about this in the next few weeks.

    Aside from this, you may have seen we have updated our timeline with our new website. The reason for this change, is we wanted to make faster iterations to the game’s gameplay, rather than simply adding new mechanics.

    As such, our next Core Update – also coming next month – will be focussed on the mid-game with some teasing material coming from the team beforehand.

    As always, for the latest information be sure to keep an eye on the (shiny new!) Mavericks website and we look forward to seeing you all in the Proving Grounds soon!

    PS – More loot in the next playtest. Promise.