Ohoho, I can express my suggestions? :3

  • Founders

    Add unnececar things that make the game more lifelike or alive.

    • Caves
    • Proximity voice chat pls
    • Thunder that can hit trees and start a fire or if you are in middle of field you could get hit my one
    • Alot of preety stars when its night
    • Mabye some acient stuff but that prob for the open world
    • Hard eastereggs are always wellcome :)


    • If you get sniped would be cool to see the show in slowmo
    • Unnececary stupid emotes like a flare in your hand, mabye thats bad but...
    • ok how can I suggest anything at this point where we know nothing about the game :( (sorry for the bad ideas :D )

    But I really LOVE that you reward missing a target so that the floor shoots up if you hit it with bullets


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