Recap of confirmed features in the game

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    General gameplay and modes:

    • Mavericks will have a BR and a persistent open world MMO mode. Beta will only have BR, MMO comes later
    • You can equip weapons/gear you own in the HUB to join the MMO in (1000 players), which you will lose if you die. Any looted stuff you acquire in the open world you'll be able to bring back with you after successfully extracting
    • BR will allow 400 player games. Upon release (December), 1000 player 5 man squad mode will be available

    • When not in a game, you'll be in the HUB/capital. It's a social area where you can trade, talk, join the founders hall, and do a lot more. TV screens will showcase leaderboards?, on-going BR games, etc


    • BR and MMO will have both TPP and FPP, in separated instances. In a TPP game, you'll be able to play FPP too.

    • For now, we've been told all guns have ballistic mechanics (drop and drag)

    • Guns have recoil patterns with slight RNG. Spread is similar to other games, it doesn't change much

    • BR 400 player mode has a game less of 30mins max. Events will incentivize people to fight each others, with some sort of risk/reward

    • BR spawning mechanics haven't been entirely decided yet, planes are unlikely

    • Ground vehicles are available, boats haven't been confirmed (to my knowledge?) but are expected


    • Gun attachments are implemented. Some gun skins have special visual effects, devs have confirmed their intention to put a lot of work on cosmetics
    • Some skins and titles/emotes are only obtainable through achievements and progression. Others can be bought for capital credits (bought with real money) and then traded with other players for either capital credits or bits (currency, obtainable by playing).

    I've intentionally omitted a lot of information which I think most of you know. Some of this information was explained by Joel (staff member) on Discord, and might change. I might've misunderstood something although this should be accurate. I'll keep editing and adding things here as we get informed about new stuff.

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    Great informative post / reminder, Drizzle! Thanks.


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