Custom games, community held tournaments etc.

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    So I was wondering if MVX will have the option for people to create their own custom games for BR mode and hold some tournaments or just 4Fun games?

    Or at least for streamers, creators who actually have their own community.
    In our country we have a big streamer who does PUBG tournaments every week with quite big prizes like Gtx 1070 and has sponsors like Nvidia, Predator, etc.

    I think this would allow the game to grow exponentially across many communities.

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    I'm very against lifting content creators above regular players with access to custom servers etc. It's elitism. They aren't gods and aren't the only ones who want to play custom games. Either everyone should have the ability to play them or no-one IMHO.

    While I hope custom games etc are a possibility I'm not entirely sure how you could go about this without renting your own 'server' off them (and the cost would be exorbitant).

    While no other game has an excuse in this respect (cough PUBG), since all they have to do is make the server files available and people can run their own servers, with Mavericks servers being a localised-cloud infrastructure regular people will likely neither have the funds nor space to either rent a cluster or use their own hardware.

    While they do say the server software can theoretically scale infinitely, I imagine it's not so smooth in the other direction, the processing required would probably be far too excessive and costly for any homebrew server or renting service for even a small player server.

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    But it would be nice for lan games or Clans. I miss that in other games.:smile: