A Man Of Many Names.

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    Hi, everyone!

    I'm very excited to be a part of this community, and share a high level of confidence in its, already incredible, development team, and supporters. MVX is still in the early stages, but I'm super pumped for August! So excited that I can't contain my addiction to upvoting most of everyone's posts here in the forums. They're all so good! I apologize whole heartedly in advance... 😗

    My name is Joshua, and depending on my mood, I'm usually a very competitive gamer. I love TP / FP shooters / RPG's. The BR genre quickly caught my attention, and my greatest BR accomplishment so far was achieving the first page on PUBG's NA - TPP - Duo & Squad - Kill Rating Leaderboard... on... Xbox... 😎

    I've gone by many names in the online gaming community over the years, but I currently go by Max Level Loudy. I'm looking forward to having a blast, and keeping it professional with everyone, in and out of the Proving Grounds.

    Keep it classy, ladies & gents.