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    Interested to know if there will be any crafting system.

    Not just the gather-click-craft kind, some something meaningful where you could harvest resources of varying quality to make items of varying quality?

    Since I feel like these items... weapons, armor, etc... will persist vs. how they work in current battle royale games. I might be able to craft a gun I want to hang on to!

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    I think that would be kind of interesting in a way but it really depends on what you would be able to craft if they were to make that a feature. For instance, you could be able to craft yourself some bandages on the run or something. So, it would be kind of weird and interesting at the same time for a battle royale to have that kind of thing. Interesting topic.

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    I would love to see a few branches of crafting.

    1. Nature/Clothing -Find a Rock to Attack with or to Throw
      -Use said found rock to hack away at tree branches to make a Spear(Range Melee and Throwaway) and Maybe some form of Wooden Armour.
      - Use Clothing to create Satchels and Pouches for inventory space.
    2. Mechanical - Craft Traps and Noise Makers
      - Use Metal Scraps in junk yards
      3.Chemical/Explosives - Find Chemicals and gunpowder with containers or scraps of metal
      - Make Poison Gas Bombs and Crafted Explosives